Thursday, October 14, 2010

Living Cathedrals

Oh, my!  I marvel at my own idiocy sometimes...!  How could I for one moment believe that I can truly share with all of you, the incredible beauty that is my homestead and its surrounds right now...short of taking you by the hand and leading you through these living cathedrals!  I am feeling like a dog in the butcher shop!  I know I cannot capture it all...I  know I can't begin to convey the reality, I want every scene in safe in my little electronic miracle-box....and I keep trying to cram every one in
Yesterday we made a trip to the little nearby town of Union, needing some pig feed.  We traveled over Sarton (Mtn)(folks around here don't call it Sarton Mtn.  but rather just Sarton), which is about 300 feet higher than our farm.  The color was truly at peak.  Camera permanently glued to my hand, I was constantly begging MM to stop for "just one more shot" and even the audacity of catching scenes as we whizzed by (my choice..MM would stop anywhere I wanted, as always). 
But alas!  How can these photos, sent to you through layers and layers of electronic gates, even begin to show you true colors, and scenic splendor.  All I can say is you'll at least get an idea of the glory to behold.   For the real thing, though,  you'll have to set foot on the forest floor sometime at Peak of the Leaf in the Southern Alleghenys/Appalachians. 


  1. I think you did a wonderful job of sharing the beauty around you, Elora! I especially love the last photo of the road and the trees alight in the sun. Also, the one showing the golden glow of the leaves and the purple cloud of asters. Thank you for taking our virtual hand and, in your lovely words, leading us through your "living cathedrals."

    I was just thinking yesterday, as I drove to the grocery, how blessed I am to live in a place where even the most ordinary of everyday chores (like your trip to buy pig feed) becomes almost a spiritual experience, with so much transcendent beauty surrounding us.

  2. I also meant to mention that I adored your spider web shot. It was truly amazing.

  3. Beautiful! We are in a terrible drought in S IN, the leaves are not a very pretty and dropping fast. Linda

  4. Ahh -- the splendor of Autumn! barbara

  5. Oh how I wish I was there. We have a little color here - more than I expected with the drought - but not like that. It's almost like I crave the colors of fall. blessings, marlene

  6. Oh, Beth, what lovely words. Thank you so much! And, yes! The mundane becomes spectacular this time of year, doesn't it! I simply can't get enough of the colors! And there's such a huge difference between 1900 feet elevation and 2500 feet of elevation. The colors up high are spectacular, whereas the leaves are browning out and dropping before getting any color, as Linda (Anonymous) observed. There's always next year, Linda! But we, too, had issues with water/drought toward summer's end this year, but apparently there was enough up high to transition to leaf color. Barbara, I know you're enjoying it all there in KY, too! Marlene, welcome back (again!) and the Geraniums you showed us last week were simply beautiful! You're making your own colors!! even if nature's are a little sparse for you this year! And Elora in Italy, with all that history and ancient splendor all around you, doncha know we're envying YOU?! Oh, my! Someday I'd like to return! How I love Italy!!! You're so fortunate! Love your pix! For those of you who don't know my namesake, her blog is called Canadian in Italy. Originally from Vancouver, she works as a translator in Genoa, just married an Italian, just turned 30 (remember that??) and is a delight! We met on a photographry blog, because we share first names and were next to each other on the roster of followers on the blog. She writes about her various travels and experiences. Love it!

    Take care, everyone! And thank you so much for your comments!