Monday, October 25, 2010

Red Sky in the Morning

I should have recognized the warning.  Yesterday's sunrise was brilliant...ominous.  All kinds of little anomalies popped up over the course the day yesterday and continue this morning:  Marigold got crabby and refused to be milked (finally corralled her around 10:30 a.m yesterday; her calf refused to eat the grain he's been eating happily for months; one of the pumps we milk with broke and we're down to milking with one pump; little Jessie is suffering from canine dementia and wavers between some recollection of life as it used to be and general non-responsiveness.  Yesterday, she was working turkeys; today she doesn't remember what a turkey is.  I inadvertently left my newly made butter on the dehydrator.  With the warm air exhausting from nine trays of multiplier onions, the butter melted and --not realizing that it was liquid--I picked it up none too carefully and spilled it all over the concrete.  This is a huge mess that I now need to figure out how to clean.  How do you get homemade butter off of concrete???   And just now, a fierce and continuous wind from the south visited us with no warning.  It had to have been in the 45-55 mph range.  It sounded like a coal train running through the yard as the wind scoured the now-empty limbs.  Our yard is full of large trees.

I think I'm going to hide out the rest of the day!


  1. Elora -- I think we all can relate to your dilemmas. I always tell myself its time for a "time out." Time out meaning to move slowly and simply and observe my surroundings. At least that is what I do and then I don't have to hide. Wait a minute, I must admit, there are times when I do hide. On a lighter note my mother always told me, don't cry over spilled milk," only in your case its spilled butter! Maybe a degreaser would do the trick? -- barbara

  2. Definitely a good plan to hide out. Oh, just imagining the butter...

  3. Oh dear me! A chaos of calamity! I hope all is back to normal now!

  4. Hi Elora:

    Sounds like you had one of those days. We are a bit more protected from the wind than you are since we're in the valley, but not by much since the valley runs nearly North/South. Better button down the hatches for this afternoon and tonight. I hear a strong cold front is approaching from the Northwest making those southerly winds kick up into the 50-60 mph range!