Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Point of View

Don't you sometimes get the feeling that we're all shouting at each other in today's world?  Oh, no.  Not you and me...but, the world...our country as a whole...Do we listen to each other any more or are we simply waiting for an opening in the other's dialogue in order to repeat our own hardfast opinions?  Legislators and Congress-people used to  share opinions, consult with one another across differences;  they used to debate, not overpower.  Opponents weren't "evil."  Disagree did not mean "dismiss."

Now, it seems, we only have the gotcha-game.  And that game is going to stifle all attempts to move beyond the current morass of a government that benefits the few rather than the many.

I got to thinking yesterday (and yes, it was a "thinking" day...) that dogs have a very different view of the world.

They see this.....
And this....

Maybe each of us needs to nominate one day of the week, for several weeks running,  during which we see the world from a different angle...reach toward others' viewpoints and listen carefully to what others are saying...analyze what they are offering as opposed to telling them what we we all have to "tell" or can we listen?  Deliberate?  Share instead of shout? 

MM and I have been watching a series via NetFlix that I have wanted to view ever since I saw it listed on NF.  It's an incredible six-episode program entitled "Wild China."  Many of you have probably already seen it (we're so "behind" out here JOTOLR!) It was produced by the BBC. 

Beyond the breathtaking photography and the opportunity to see China in a whole new light, the series highlights ancient cultures that still survive--albeit tenuously--and are continuing to evolve.  It's well worth a few evenings of viewing time!  Best of all it shows a different view of the world, only hinting at the rare opportunities we have to share and promote the good things rather than perpetuate the noise of hostile dissent. 

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