Monday, March 7, 2011

Not Yet!

Well....that'll teach me (and the peepers) to get cocky about singing spring.  Whoa! Snow!
Three inches!  Then C-O-L-D.  Twenty-six degrees of COLD.  So, it doesn't pay to  get too confident that we've given the broom to winter. 

I spent yesterday snipping apart Wax Begonia leaves and stems for propogating more.  All the while,I watched the huge duckfeather snowflakes wafting down and piling up.  Then the gusty March winds added a little spice toward evening, rattling the limbs in the Ash trees beside the house.  We had had over two inches of rain and then followed well-below freezing temperatures and now, this morning...bright sun! 

Clumps of ice had settled onto the shrubbery overnight and it was a be-jeweled and glittering morning when we headed out to milk Marigold.  So, we're "on hold" for spring, awaiting some positive evidence that freezing temperatures are gone for the year.  Hah!  Not until May 15th! according to the local garden calendar.  So we don't want to get our hopes up...not yet, anyway!


  1. Such pretty pictures, though! We had the big old flakes and a light coating but it melted fairly soon.

  2. Thanks so much, Vicki! I sneaked down to the pond yesterday at midday while the sun was shining and heard those brave little peepers going at it! And was relieved! We're still on track for spring!