Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Just a note to let you all know that something fishy is going on with my commenting on your blogs. And on my own, as well!  

I decided to start working on an idea I've had for some time:  a community blog.  A place resembling the old-timey local radio stations, where you could find out info about the community, lost and found, services know the kind of thing... but in an updated format:  a blog.   I have not made a firm decision to do this, but have stuck a toe in the water, testing the temperature of reception for the idea.

All good and well for the first part:  easy stuff.  Blogger does it all.  Essentially. Oops. Not quite.

After working on it for awhile, I took time to visit several of your blogs to read and comment--Barbara's Folkways Notebook (wonderful post on community newspapers!), Vicki's Vicki Lane Mysteries (great post on a book and blog cleaning!), Ruta's Notes from North Devon (gorgeous shots on clouds and a neat topic on an Owl cam she has set up for her students!), among others.  But the same thing happened no matter whose blog I was wanting to "talk" on!  I invested several minutes in each one with commentary and then clicked the "submit" button.

Guess what.  The name attached to the comment, was the name of the new blog rather than Elora. And that persists despite having deleted the Ballengee Blog! Despite trying to rearrange things and re-do it, my efforts have been frustrating, to say the least and to no avail.  So, folks, bear with me as I take on this latest tug-of-war with Blogger!  Apologies not to be exchanging words with you, but at the moment, the only words I am exchanging  seem to be with the phantom, Blogger!  And they aren't pretty!

So, I believe I will --for the time being -- post comments as "Anonymous" and then sign my name.  Quicker anyway!  But I did want to let you know that it's still me...just a different moniker! For the time being until I can figure out how NOT to be posting as The Ballengee Community Blog! Anyone know what to do?  Feel free to instruct!  Meanwhile, we are coping...barely!


  1. I couldn't resist posting the stress reliever on my Facebook page. I have a few friends who could do with it.

  2. What a great idea to do a community blog!
    Your frustration has been a timely warning for me - today I'm also about to start another blog but can't figure out how to have different profile info appearing on each one as they are completely different subjects. Perhaps I shall heed your warning and head on over to typepad or wordpress to create the second blog. Good luck with getting it sorted, hope M doesn't have to rescue you from stage 4 stress reduction! Julia x

  3. Elora -- thanks for the mention on your post. I don't think I will set-up another blog on blogger. I'm not even thinking about such a thing. I enjoy posting on Folkways Notebook and I feel that another blog would turn fun into work. But some folks have several -- probably more stamina than I do. Good luck to you if you do the community blog. It would be great for those living in your area.

  4. Well, all....I managed to fix things! Finally!! What a mess-up! But, now I at least know what I did and how to repair! Barbara, you have such an amazing blog and you put so much love and creativity into it, I couldn't imagine your doing a second one!!

    Julia, I can see you're off on another adventure in blogging, too! Best of luck, and I still would stick with Blogger!

    Ruta, I'm waiting breathlessly to hear about OFSTED! Hope all went well!!!