Monday, March 28, 2011

Winter Interlude

Hold your horses, Spring!  Not yet.  It's been snowing off and on, today, but nothing serious.  Just one of those little reminders that we're only peeking over the edge of warmer weather.

For me, today has been one solid day of technical navigation!  I am not a computer nerd, but it turns out that by default, I am the go-to, in-house technician out here JOTOLR when it comes to things electronic. JOKE! I'm all alone in this position and it's positively scary.  Alone that is, except for those fabulous gurus from Frontier (what GREAT tech support!!!) and (ROKU Wonderful help, there!) and last but definitely not least, NetFlix (great people to work with!).  All were willing to help this old lady to get on down the road with success.   With help like that,  we have been able to join the modern world!!  Nonetheless, I have been doing computer since 8:00 a.m. this morning, trying to get everything coordinated and connected and playing!  We have now watched our first movie on NetFlix compliments of Frontier's DSL high speed internet.  We chose Whale Rider.  Yes, I know it's a 2003 movie, but I had wanted to see it back then, but never did.  It was wonderful!  Having lived in NZ for a short time, made it all the more enjoyable.

But, for two old fogies, this computer-based entertainment challenge is its own high drama!  I've made a growing LIST of not-to-be-missed movies and documentaries, plus TV selections, as well.

This all came about because of the sudden unreliability of PSB.  We don't have cable.  But technically speaking our high-performance TV antenna should work.  But it doesn't.  Ever since PBS's inception, MM and I have faithfully supported it, enduring the doo-wop and wings-over-whatevers "specials" and dutifully sending in our contribution semi-annually.  We were fans of Nature, Frontline, National Geographic know, all the good stuff.  But ever since this country switched over to digital we never know when we can/will be able to receive PBS.  It's No Signal No Signal, etc. more often than not.  If it's cloudy, No Signal.  If it's snowing, No Signal.  Too windy?  No Signal.  Every little excuse and it's No Signal.  Funny thing, too.  It always happened right after we'd sent in our $50 contribution.  Lights out.  Sorry. 

That has happened twice.

Well, this time, I decided to opt out.  With Net Flix, we can get British Comedies, Documentaries, first rate movies....all at our convenience and mostly reliably.  So, our $100 contribution has been redirected to NetFlix; we invested $80 for the Roku player, and we are now enjoying the luxury of on-demand entertainment.  Most of the U. S. probably takes this for granted, but not us out here JOTOLR!  This is a real treat!  Inside Job coming up this evening, followed tomorrow by The King's Speech...and the beat goes on!  Thank you Frontier, Roku, and NetFlix!

Not to mention the fact that it's a great picker-upper with which to get over not having spring just yet!


  1. Elora -- Good choice. Netflix provides all kinds of entertainment. I watch their movies on my computer.
    -- barbara

  2. I think we should all embrace the new world of choice, I only wish we had the speed to watch films. As you no doubt have discovered BBCiplayer is free and lets you watch most of the previous week's programmes. Also C4 (Channel 4) make some very good programmes, they also have a free online service.We pay for the basic Sky package which gives us more than enough to watch and we have a digital box which picks up the freeview stations from an old fashioned arial in our neighbour's hedge.