Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another...

Spring just does this to me!  Thoughtfully, I make a list of things to do outside, intent on making an orderly progression of tasks completed.  But as I cross off each accomplishment, the list grows fourfold!   With a mind of its own it leapfrogs  into a cascade of tasks I never even knew I had when I set out to do one thing on the established list.  For example, here is one of MM's wonderful birdhouses... we put it up, together.  As I stood on the ladder, though, holding the birdhouse...

I got a bird's eye view of the woodpile... needing attention (re-stacking) and the scattered mini-piles of sticks left over from winter needing to be hauled to the woods before the grass grows through.  Also, I took note of the blackberry canes on the ground resulting from my attack on the row the day before.   Birdhouse in place, I climbed down and headed to get the trailer, so I could gather the leftover sticks and deliver them to the
...woods.  On my way back,  I am thinking, surely we could mount another birdhouse at the gate on the west side.  MM agrees.  The ladder is still where we left it from the previous birdhouse installation.  As we are completing that task, it occurs to me that the pinkish gate is rusted and looking pretty sorry.  I have some red Rust Oleum in the shop.  It wouldn't take very long to paint it, but it's not critical so I'll add it to the list to be done in the next few days...or so.

Taking a break, I walk to the mailbox.  There, I see the board fence needs a coating of stain; I know the numbers on our newly configured address (by the 911 people), need to be applied...but the mailbox post needs re-staining, too, and I should transplant some of those daffodils this year after they bloom as they are way too thick.  Oh, and there's that group of tulips I moved over here ten years ago--maybe fifteen--that are now needing transplanting to the house, as well. And, I want to get a farm sign painted and put up.   The beat goes on! 

The list seems to have a life of its own!  Rather like the mops in the Sorcerer's apprentice segment of Walt Disney's Fantasia where Mickey Mouse's good intentions go awry as the mops take over.  

Just who is in charge, here??!!  

By day's end I try to think back to what I accomplished.  My creaking bones are truly letting me know I must have done something!  But I've managed to cross off two items on The List, but have added six!  And MM's added four.  Our lists must be breeding!  In the midst of it all, I have to remember to take time and.....   
...smell the daffodils.  That's right, daffies!  My nearly 100-year-old pretties have an unbelievable fragrance.    They are  the old timey ones.. more like ruffles than the typical trumpet daffodils of today.  These probably date back to the early 1900's. They were here when we arrived and I've gradually transplanted groups (leaving a few behind) to our yard. 
And they have the most divine scent.  They almost look busier than the more modern types.  Like they are delightfully confused and can't quite focus on where to direct their energies....kind of like me in the throes of spring!


  1. What a funny and so true to life post! This time of year the outdoor beckons and then confuses us as to what we should do first. So much to do when spring comes around.

  2. Elora -- Lists sure do breed. Ever find one you made out over a year ago and find you still had a few tasks yet to complete that you had forgot about and have lived happily without knowing about them and now you have to again put them on your list? Long sentence, I know.

    Your daffs are lovely. Scented makes them extra special. -- barbara

  3. NCMW, those Camellias tell me, you've got a yard full of springtime chores, girl! Have the native plants is good. I saw your Witch Hazel and pined for it!! Didn't know it had a fragrance, though! My lovely lady friend who owns a nursery (sp?) brought me some stems from the same plant last year, and I thought they were beautiful. Didn't now they were scented, though.

    I have Barbara!!! (found old lists)...and I wonder, what was I thinking???? Lofty goals unrealized! Oh, well!

    Thanks for comments!