Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get Used to It, Folks: It's not "those kids" is us,

like it or not.  If you are observing from afar, safe in your home, and safe in the knowledge that you have yours and that it's just a bit of unpleasant noise going on outside your door, likely caused by some smelly-hippies which probably won't last very long, please think again.  Maybe you should take the time to go visit one of the Occupy locations close to you and talk to some of the dedicated individuals who are putting their bodies on the line defending OUR rights...Check out out these videos on Jessie LaGreca's post (Ministry of Truth) on Daily Kos:,-I-dont-care-anymore,-We-are-NOT-going-away!?via=siderec
It's hard to believe this is happening here, right on our doorsteps, in America...but, make no mistake, it is....

How does this one strike you?

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