Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Been an Exciting Week!

For us, it's been an exciting week!  If you missed our "appearance" on Occupy Wall Street, go to  and read through this wonderful media production on behalf of the Movement! You'll get a sense of who is supporting #OWS.  It's AMAZING! 

If you are standing on the sidelines, wondering whether you're part of the 99% or not, and haven't yet decided whether to support the Movement or not...if you aren't pulling down a million bucks a year, you're part of the 99%, and you need to stand up and be counted.  Join the 99% and learn what you can do to help in your local community.  The Young Turks have started a push for a Constitutional Convention.  Go here to learn what you can do: 
While you're there, click on the video of this man, orginator of Poorman's Nation at
As for readers of this blog, it's been pretty danged quiet as far as comments here.  If I've scared you, I apologize!  But this is real, folks.  It isn't going away anytime soon.  

Vicki of  (

Jim of Wayfarin' Stranger (

and Beth of Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl have offered encouragement, but I am wondering what the rest of you are thinking...

Finally, if you really want to know what's going on with #OWS worldwide, click here:

Go down to the Media section of the "paper" and skip over to the second video.  It's GREAT!! (Actually, they all are "great" so don't fail to stay awhile and enjoy the great reporting.  The "paper" is published every 12 hours and completely refreshed.  They are doing a fantastic job!  And there are other sources as well, that I hope to share with you this coming week.

Day before yesterday we had a mixed bag of weather, alternating from rain drizzles to golden glory.  We had the first fire in the kitchen stove overnight last night. Supposed to have a whiz-banger of a frost tomorrow night. Gotta get my cabbages into the crock so we can have sauerkraut by the end of November!

Thank you #OWS for all the work you are doing, all the great minds, all the techological expertise, all the talent you bring to this movement and for being there for all of us who cannot be there at OWS# except in spirit and solidarity.  
Have a great weekend.  Hope the Family Sleepover there goes well and that it isn't too cold for the little ones!
And we're having our first meeting tomorrow here at the house, of a group who is interested in starting a community association.
Meanwhile, hope you all have gathered your garden stuff and are ready for the drop in temperatures!
See you Monday! 

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  1. Exciting times -- and a chance to let our voices be heard.