Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Raw News versus Cooked

Were you waiting with 'bated breath to hear the verdict in the Amanda Knox trial? Were you glued to your computer watching the Live Stream from Perugia, Italy? Or what about Dancing with the Stars when Kirsti Alley found herself on the floor?  Or maybe you're a Survivor fan?  What about The Amazing Race?  Or Two And A Half Men?  Or perhaps you were among those disappointed by the shocking "news" that the Playboy Club TV show is the first show to be cancelled this season? 

Frankly, I doubt many of my readers fit into any of the above categories...but many Americans do...or at least, they must.  Big advertising and production budgets are devoted to pumping these insults to one's intelligence.  Day after day, night after night.

Here's the thing:  For the past two weeks now, we've seen Amanda Knox's face topping the Google  headlines.  I don't know Amanda Knox.  and frankly, I'm not interested in Amanda Knox.  Before Google camped on the story I never gave Amanda Knox a thought.  And you know something?  I could still care less about Amanda Knox.  Yet, every morning, every night, on and on and on. Do you really, really care about Amanda Knox (other than as a poor and tortured human that simply needs to get out of the global spotlight and head for a quiet backwater somewhere)?  Or did Google--as usual--design a perfect ploy for getting us sucked into the normal Bread-and-Circuses routine so we won't pay attention to the stuff that matters.  Keep in mind that all network "news" is bought and paid for.  It marches to the drumbeat of corporate America.  It isn't news.  It's Bread and Circuses for the masses. 

Would you like to read some quality independent journalism?  I've been on Daily Kos off and on for the past five years.  As a result of the protests, I found myself gravitating back to that bastion of honest journalism.  How refreshing it's been!   Exciting, really...

With the MSM, you can tune in NBC, CBS, ABC and NPR, and practically overlay the stories cookie-cutter fashion,  one on top of the other. Even the commericals line up perfectly.  Oh, sure, NPR gets a little nod for its "journalistic" approach, but make no mistake about it:  NPR is bought and paid for with those commericals for Koch brothers and their ilk.  Just Google "Koch brothers" sometime and discover just how "independent-minded" NPR is!  Discover, too, what the Koch brothers do. We didn't HAVE commericals when MM and I started supporting Public Broadcast way back in the 1970's, and gradually, over the years, more and more commercials have crept into supposedly PUBLIC-OWNED broadcast.  I refuse to contribute to NPR et al.  They get their money from corporate headquarters...along with their marchin order.  You don't think it's a commercial when it's simply a feel-good about screwing up the environment produced by Chevron?  The funny thing is that now, when a corporation finds itself in hot water, it suddenly takes a notion to sponsor some part of NPR's programming.  Monsanto is a perfect example; so is Archer-Daniels-Midland, Boeing....Oh, my, aren't we good!  We sponsor NATIONAL PUBLIC Radio. 

Daily Kos is waaaaaay different.  Go here:

Check out the Diaries section, and go down the list of stories on the left (cute, huh!) side of the screen.  You'll read about things you can't reach through NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and NPR.  All kinds of things!  It will open your eyes.  I especially enjoyed the Jesse La Greca story this morning.  Of course, if you don't like your news "raw"--preferring cooked stories instead, you can always return to Faux News. My apologies in advance for any perceived snarkiness! 

Finally, try Amy Goodman's Democracy Now. Go to:

Amy's online program is fabulous.  Videos, commentary, important real people being interviewed. Like a good spoonful of horseradish, it will clear your sinuses!  Lots of stuff the MSM won't touch because corporate America says that just wouldn't be "kosher."

A healthy dose of honesty and populism can certainly improve your outlook, believe me!  But maybe you are among those who are happier with Father Knows Best?


  1. you are awesome. i got to your blog from the OWS blog showing the note you sent them. btw, please don't take this the wrong way - as a young woman of color, i have to say, it is SO good to know that there are people in your demographic, and also, who are doing the self-sufficient, back-to-the-land thing, who most definitely AREN'T tea partiers!!

  2. Thank you soooo much a. It's lovely to receive such a gracious comment! Not a single glass of Lipton's visible out here JOTOLR! Only cows and turkeys and pigs (real ones!) and chickens and Border Collies. I posted a link to an article on Daily Kos this a.m that might be of interest.

    Keep us posted on how we can help!