Thursday, October 6, 2011

Want to Know How Things Went Yesterday?

It's called Democracy in action... Estimated 15,000.....but wait a minute.  You haven't seen anything yet!  Tune in to the link below.  Watch the beatings by the NYCP. 

Also  don't fail to catch Keith Olbermann's reading of the Declaration from the General Assemble at Zucotti Park last night. He's in the middle of the page.  Go to:,000-20,000?via=siderec

Oh, and BTW....check this out:  Here you will find an on-going rolling roster of messages of goodwill sent by those of us who cannot march because we live too far from Wall Street.  But if you're wondering whether you should step out of your fear and take some responsibility, add your name to the 31,000+ names already there.  Be a part of the virtual march!

This isn't a flash-in-the-pan, people....this is going to be a long fight to save our democracy.  It is only the beginning....

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