Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Color Me Orange!

Better late than never!  I'm late today.  And I'd planned to do an entirely different post.  However, my farmer decided it was carrot harvest day.   We actually began about sun-up, just after milking Marigold.  (And BTW, we're getting two gallons of milk per day from that little heifer.)

MM went out, fork in hand, and dug all the carrots.  Keep in mind, folks, that's 50 feet of carrots.  We grow the Shin Karoda.  Have done so for the past two years and couldn't be happier!  They are a good choice for shallow clay soil.

I have a couple of photos of the digging and will show you the produce tomorrow.

Also want to share with you some photos of our filbert trees tomorrow, which have decided to shed early this year, probably because of the drought.  We grow Royal filberts--8 trees--and this year's harvest is simply going to be amazing!  These are hazelnuts...picture hazelnut cookies and hazelnut ice cream, and hazelnut butter.....etc. MM picked up just shy of a five gallon bucket this afternoon, and that was (in MM's estimation) about one-tenth of what is on that particular tree.  That leaves 7 9/10 trees to pick.  Which is FABULOUS!

But here are the carrots.  Tomorrow I'll show you the jars!

Finally, this picture of Jessie is about how we all felt, today, with the relentless heat and humidity.


  1. Poor Jessie! That's how I've felt all day.

  2. Too. Hot. To. Dig. Carrots.

    Probably too hot to can them, as well! Oh, well, the produce doesn't wait for cooler temps, does it? I'm mixing my metaphors here, but this year's garden has truly taught me what "making hay while the sun shines" means.

  3. Oh my...I know just how poor Jessie feels! I had my tongue hanging out after just an hour of work outside yesterday. Even the thunderstorm we got last night didn't make much of a difference in the heat, though we were happy for the rain.

    We're going to have to try your Shin Karoda carrots next year. Our carrots always seem to turn out a bit bitter and grotesquely stunted---appropriate only for cooking. We have clay, too.