Friday, August 20, 2010

Day's Delights

This is how today began.  It isn't a large peach tree by any means, but we harvested enough to put up several jars that will enhance our oatmeal and wheat cereal this coming winter. Peaches and Pound Cake with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.....well.....need I say more??

After we had the peaches all under cover, MM had his heart set on going to the local livestock auction.  I dropped him off at the auction and went to pick up a few odds and ends we needed in the house.  With the West Virginia State Fair in full swing, though, the auction was pretty small, so MM was ready to call it quits and go home by the time I arrived back. 

He suggested since we had a little extra time, that we go home via Wolf Creek Road, and that is my all-time favorite road in West Virgnia.  The road seems to transport me back to the 1800's, for some reason, and I can see myself living on the farms that now are mostly ghosts of times past.  

The road is little travelled and it's the kind of road where lacking significant traffic,  green grass sprouts up through the asphalt. This is not "Just Off" the One-Lane IS a one lane road...for perhaps 15 miles or so.  Well, guess what?  We met a large tractor and mowing machine, requiring somebody (both of us) to back up to a wide spot in the road....joke!  Suffice it to say, we barely "scraped" by! 

 I purposely had left my camera at home--it was hot, and I had errands to run..didn't want to leave camera in car and didn't want to carry it.  Lots of excuses!  None of them very good.  Long story short:  I missed two great shots and you'll have to use your imagination.

One shot was of a BIG Hereford cow, sprawled out under a huge oak tree, lazily chewing her cud.  On her nose sat a bird, lurching back and forth as if it had been on the deck of a ship...up and down, up and down.

And the second shot?  Two baby raccoons.  Right in the MIDDLE of the One-Lane Road.  They arched their backs at us like two frightened kittens trying to look large, scurried around the back of a big oak tree, then peaked back around to see more of us.  By that time we'd pretty much gone by.  Talk about CUTE!  Picture one raccoon face just below another raccoon face.  No bigger than 8 inches or mom, though.  Bet maybe they no longer had a mom. 

So, that's it for the week.  You'll notice my last two posts have been evening posts.  That's been a better time for me of late with all the harvest going on.  The hot days make mornings precious for ourside (and inside) work!

Thanks for all your comments lovely friends.  I've been terrible lately about catching up with you.  I'm going to carve out some time this weekend to reply!
Meanwhile, have a lovely, lovely weekend, everyone!
See you Monday!! 


  1. Yep, I always regret it when I neglect to bring along my camera.

    Lovely peaches! Not something we have much luck with, alas!

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. Elora, love back-country roads.Thanks for asking about my family. It has been a full and wonderful visit with all my children, grandchildren for most of the summer. This past three weeks has been difficult to find time to put posts on my blog. Now I am having trouble with my computer and I might have to take a recess for two weeks? I hope not. Computers can be so tricky sometimes. Enjoyed your post, know what you mean about not having your camera when you see great shots!-- barbara

  3. Hi, Elora! I certainly understand about being busy. We've had guests, and between that and all the late-summer yard and garden tasks, I've not had much time to be online.

    I ALWAYS see the best shots when I don't have my camera! You description of the bird on the cow's nose was so vivid that I could picture it readily in my mind. Tom and I love back-country roads, too, by the way.