Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do You See What I See?

Well, for a few hours here, I have been in chains...a captive of Blogger, but they've apparently decided they didn't like me as a hostage so they've once again, repaired/restored my commenting facility and set me FREE!!  I may try "Anonymous" instead of my Google Account, next time I try to add comments here.  That worked....this time!

Today, it's been another "milk day" with two and a half pounds of butter, five quarts of yogurt, one quart of ice cream, and a day to make pigs happy with all the leftovers.  Eight quarts of those pickles --the ones for which I posted the recipe a week or so ago have just come out of the water bath.  And I am finally I'm sitting down!

I wanted to share this with you:  last Friday, the clouds here, JOTOLR were spectacular and unusual. Everything in the sky seemed adrift, torn, shredded and on fire.

It's easy to wander off into the metaphysical about these kinds of natural events, but I'll bet every one of us would see something different in these unique cloudscapes. 

Usually I can look at clouds and get some idea of the upcoming weather events.  But these?  It was an ever-changing vista with no message.   At times they resembled windblown hair; other moments they were feathers; a length of rope; then sheer muslin or gossamer with an obvious warp and weft.  Confused but so lovely!

This is what keeps me scurrying around, camera in hand. 


  1. Gorgeous and fascinating. Thanks for the pictures. I don't care if they mean anything, they simply say awesome to me.

  2. Elora -- You certainly are busy on the farm. It is amazing that you even have time to look at all those beautiful cloud formations. As for your blog problem, I have found that on blogger if it doesn't work one way try another that is not the usual choice. In other words just start clicking around wherever -- it might solve your problem. This usually works for me -- not very scientific though! -- barbara

  3. What wonderful sky pictures! The first one made me think of angels square-dancing.