Friday, August 6, 2010

Hell Hath No Fury.... a woman scorned.

Poor Marigold.  She finally had everything going her way.  A handsome bull solely devoted to her.  Lead cow in the herd of three.  Greener pastures everywhere.  Grain in the morning and was the perfect cow's life.  Queen of it all.....for a day!

Two days ago, the bull pined for her at the gate to the milking stall as she munched happily and as MM and I milked. The handsome stud stood outside, lowing (is that what cattle do?) softly, gently, wooing her--(or was that moo-ing her?) practically whispering sweet "nothings" (somethings?) in Marigold's ear.  He greeted her most enthusiastically, courting her gallantly when she was released and walked side by side with her out to her favorite apple tree which she had shown him when he first arrived.

What a difference a day makes!

This morning after milking, as she was being released, Marigold stopped and stood in the center of the gateway looking first one direction...and then the other.  It was as if she couldn't believe her eyes.  "Her" handsome bull was long gone and could be seen across the pasture entertaining the OTHER.  For the last few days, the OTHER didn't even exist.  Apparently Marigold believed him when he told her he loved her. (Play the Miller Lite commerical here, "I thlove...bumble,bumble")  And now he's taken off with the local hussy.  What's even worse, is that he is bellowing in the field, letting the whole neighborhood know that he's looking for other talent.

Once she was convinced, though, Marigold bravely set her sights on one thing and one thing only:  HER apple tree.  And out she went, by herself, love lost, but...requited!  We should have a calf somewhere around May 4th this coming year.

Here's hoping you all have a gentle weekend.  I need to catch up on comments!  It's been a pretty busy, morning-to-night week out here JOTOLR.  Seems we are in a torrent of veggies
coming ripe. It's "bounty" time and there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do!  I'll be able to grab a few moments to reply this weekend.
(providing Blogger doesn't sabotage me!)
Thank you so much for your company this past week!  I've so enjoyed every moment I've been able to spend with you!

Happy Friday!  See you Monday!


  1. Poor old Marigold! At least she had more fun than a visit from the AI man with his long glove and carefully selected syringe.

  2. Love the thing bulls do where they take a sniff of the cow and roll back their upper lip. There's a name for the response -- Fleymans (not sure of the spelling) and it has entered our vocabulary as in 'Look at that old fool fleymansing around that woman! She's young enough to be his granddaughter.'