Monday, August 23, 2010

A Family Outing

Call it a bucket brigade!  They arrived mid-afternoon yesterday.  Mom, Dad, two little ones and another couple to keep them company and help with the harvest. 

We had advertised our produce for sale in the local FREE newspaper and lo and behold, this delightful little family/friends contingent drove well over a hundred miles to honor us with their purchase.  They took home 132 pounds of produce--beans, tomatoes, beets--a little corn--and most important?  The fact that they spent an afternoon together, in the garden.

The father's very words:  "It's a family outing...where the kids get to be a part of knowing where good food comes from.  Life is about more than carnival rides..."

We enjoyed their presence every bit as much as they seemed to enjoy being here.  Kindly, they asked us to call them next year when we have veggies to sell.  We certainly will!  It's so good to know that young moms and dads like this are out there, teaching their kids about growing things and healthful eating... and they don't mind bending down and picking, and then traveling back home to process what they bought.  They, too, live Just Off The One-Lane Road!

Thanks for coming!


  1. Elora- Sounds like a good day for both parties concerned. Yes, it's great when young children have thoughtful parents that want them to know where their food comes from. Maybe it will become a regular excursion for the family? -- barbara

  2. How nice! Now those are good parents!