Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comment on Comments

O.K., folks....Blogger's doin' it to me again!  I tried to comment back again last night, here on the blog, but Blogger apologized nicely but said they couldn't let me post! So, we shall see, everyone! Tick, tick, tick......

 So, we'll go around 'em:


Great information about the "pond" size. Our "big" "pond" is 2.5 acres when it's full. Right now, the level is low pending repairs to the overflow culvert. It's quite lovely for ice skating in the winter, and, of course, the habitat is rich with diversity. We simply don't spend as much time there as we'd like, being "workaholics!" There's something interesting going on at "the pond" no matter what day of the week, though.

Here's what I tried to post last night before giving up:


It IS a body appendage that I can't live (contentedly) without! You've all created an addiction in me! I can't wait to discover what you have in store each day. Without you, the day isn't quite as bright!

You're so right, Vicki! I didn't have a very "relaxing" weekend! Between shuffling cows and bulls and chickens and turkeys---plus the green beans--I need a vacation!  How are your chicks doing, BTW?

Julia! So glad to have you back! Again how odd when we are skirting 90-degrees plus and you are coooool!

Beth--Thanks so much for sympathy (modem). There is no balm like another co-miserating! Love you, girl!

Love you all!
More later on, today....if Blogger lets me!



  1. Elora -- I am puzzled as to why blogger won't let you comment? That is a new one about blogger. I sure hope they get it fixed for you. Have you heard if other are having the same problem as yours? So strange and frustrating I'm sure.

    Have enjoyed all your gardening posts.

    -- barbara

  2. Barbara,

    There is a continuing thread on the Blogger forum. Apparently, lots of others are having the same problem. They fixed it about a week ago. Now, it's back to the same deal again. I'll see if this goes through. It's one reason I always copy what I send so I won't lose it entirely.

    So, let's see if it goes thru this time....think I'll try it using "Anonymous..'