Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chain Linked

We depend upon chains out here JOTOLR.  They aren't a luxury.   Remembering last winter and our being snowed in here on the farm, unable to get out, we swore this year things would be different.  We had had the set of chains for the tractor, but they proved too large until MM got a local welder to shorten them by removing several links.   Today, our mobility is assured, even if we get three feet of snow. 

The chains are huge compared to car chains!  Each chain weighs close to 200 pounds.  That's 400 pounds of chain!  It's a big job to get them onto the big tractor tires.  MM took a couple of hours last week and got both sides on and secured.  It's comforting to know we can chug through most snows and at least make it to the mailbox before spring!

The other chains we depend upon fall right in behind the chains for mobility.  Our firewood--downed early last spring and now dry--is still not in the woodpile until we haul it up with the tractor...on a chain..or several chains, as the case may be.  We went down almost to the pond, today, with the chained-up tractor, and pulled up three medium-sized oak trees--with chains.

And none too soon, either!  Sunrise this morning points to "farmer take warning" so we did, and we will be toasty warm during this next cold interlude coming over the weekend.

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  1. Those look huge!!! I'm glad we don't have to deal with chains very often here! Enjoy staying warm and toasty :)