Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hot 'n Cold

Well,'s just plain miserable outside.  The wind has piped up to a steady 20 mph, with occasional gusts in the 30 mph range.  It is snowing horizontally, and swirls of crystals are flying everywhere.  I put out sunflower seeds for the birds.  Normally, we let them pursue their natural food, but in this wind, and cold--it's 20 degrees--they need a little help, so we're providing it.

The wood fire is so comforting.  Knowing that we have adequate firewood, too, warms our hearts!  Last year we got caught and were seriously eyeing the dining set as kindling!  Not this year, by golly.  We're currently in great shape for fuel. It's not exactly hot inside, but, like the British, we are adding layers instead of expecting the thermostat (we don't have one!) to be at 70 degrees in every room!  After all, why learn to knit if you don't wear the sweaters and gloves.

And BTW, those wrist warmers?  I thought they were ridiculous until I got a pair from my friend, Debbi, the fabulous knitter, Debbi, that is.....!  I LOVE THEM!  My fingers are no longer cold as I type!  Thank you, Debbi!

One more milking in about half an hour, and then it's in for the night.  So, here's sending you warmth and coziness for today and this evening!


  1. I knew you'd love wearing wrist warmers. They really make a difference! And they take so little yarn/time to make, you can really splurge on good, warm yarn for them. If you wanna.

  2. Oh dear, I do feel ever so slightly guilty having spent the day at the beach and exploring our beautiful native forests while you are at the opposite extreme! Take care and keep bundled up - pleased to hear you are all prepared and not contemplating burning the furniture ;-)

  3. OK, Julia....:-)) Winter comes to New Zealand, too! And we'll be sweating it out in the garden "up" here!! :-))))!

    Debbi, I knew you knew! You're always just waiting for me to "come around to it..." :-))