Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a Red-Letter Day!

We have the holy folks to thank for introducing us to red-letter days.  Since the 1500's holy days were marked in red on the calendar.  Hence came the implication that red-letter days were important days.

Today, my dearest readers, is definitely, out here JOTOLR, a red-letter day.   Frontier Communcations, bless their hearts, are bringing MM and me into the 21st Century, right here, right today, as the much heralded High Speed Internet installers arrive later this afternoon!

So, the question is, after hungering for this development for the past four years, trying my best to foster its inception in our neck of the woods, being given the run-around by Verizon multiple times, what will we be able to do with High Speed Internet?  I know all too well about the "waiting....and waiting.....and waiting...."  I can't imagine what that's going to be like NOT waiting.  But let's get beyond that for a moment and let me vicariously sample some of the things y'all have taken for granted for years!

Here's the question:  What can we DO with HSI?  besides quicker connections and information flow?  I'd be curious as to what you think. 

And, finally, I must also mention the Age of Aquarian husband, who does, indeed, love water, whether it's sailing, swimming, messing about in boats, turns 80 on Saturday.  He's simply amazing!  Love that guy!  A lot!  He is my rock. And at 80, I would definitely describe him as "spry!"

Well, it's been an interesting week.  Win some, lose some.  If I have offended anyone with my brash declarations and approaches to life both here on the farm and in the world at large, with my fiction-clothed objections to our animals being victimized, forgive me please. 

I am slowly becoming more comfortable with being a rebel.  It takes awhile, though, for a Miss Do-Right (me) to step out of the track and dare to swim against the mainstream currents.  I was always the one who never parked outside the lines, never offered a dissenting opinion.  But as I grew into adulthood, I discovered that questions and opinions I had were worth expressing.  In discussion forums I often found I wasn't the only one who had similar questions and opinions. 

There's too much going on in this world that needs our attention.  We can't continue to sit on our hands and simply hope things will be different.  Those of us who care must take up the causes we care ABOUT. Actively and forcefully.  It's our duty.

Have a good weekend. 
Thanks for stopping by to visit this past week.  I seem to be missing a few commenters.  Hope I didn't lose you permanently!
See you Monday!


  1. Elora -- A budding author -- you are off to a flying start. -- barbara

  2. Hey, Barbara!
    Thanks much! I believe I've been "budding" for about the last 25 years! But decided my story yesterday was easier to tell in fiction than simply to give a "blow-by-blow" description of two dogs, in a ferocious and savage frenzy, in the process of killing our turkeys. Not a pretty sight. On Vicki's blog, I mentioned the therapeutic benefits of writing. So, seeking some therapy for myself after this horrific event in our lives out here JOTOLR. I think the photo at the end of the text pretty much says it all (from yesterday's blog post). Thanks for the thumbs-up! I'm making my way through my novel, one chapter at a time. Am, so far, up to Chapter 7 following my plot outline and research, developed over several years. And thank you so much for your steady comments, dear lady!

  3. Just read the previous post so feeling a bit shattered but I hope that writing the post has helped you to deal with this very nasty event.
    Changing the subject entirely, I hope that you are now reading this on your new super fast connection. We have the very slowest limit of what can be termed high speed broadband so we have that to look forward to when we move somewhere that is not at the extreme limit of the phone line connection. Now things will HAPPEN, Youtube to watch for amusing videos and music and dance performances and also tv programmes to watch at your leisure. BBC programmes are on line for a week after they are shown (BBC iplayer) and there are some excellent programmes to watch. I quite enjoy watching live webcams with the children at school , there are lots around where you can watch all kinds of wildlife though on one occasion one little lad watched the entrance of an owl nestbox for most of the afternoon claiming every few minutes that he had seen an owl!Enjoy!

  4. Excited for you to finally have this internet thing sorted! Being rural also we had to fight to get high speed and still not everyone here can get it.
    I have been reading along with your posts this week - what a week it has been for you! Sorry I haven't had time to comment - home alone for a couple of weeks so flat out keeping up with the garden, online sales, building a new garden and all those things a rural property entails :-)
    Happy birthday to M - hope he has a lovely day. It really touched me to read the other day that you read out loud to one another - how wonderful to share a book that way and be able to discuss as you go.
    Take care and enjoy that high speed!
    Julia x

  5. can come visit with me now you have high-speed!

    Most of the Nelson cameras face west over the bay so we are in about the middle of all that!
    The other one I love playing with is Google Earth, much more fun with high speed!