Friday, January 28, 2011

We Are On! But Email Outgoing Isn't Working...Can receive, just can't send...

OK, everyone!  Altogether now 1-2-3!!!!   Hooooray!  The 21st Century has arrived out here JOTOLR.  By golly it's FAST!  Frighteningly fast!  I am up to my eyebrows with questions, and MM keeps saying how fast it is...! 

For the moment, the email isn't working.  I am loathe to fiddle, so am awaiting more astute assistance from my friend Debbi, and my computer man, Frank.  Meanwhile, we're still able to play with all the bells and whistles....that is, when we figure them out!

Again, Frontier...THANK YOU!

BTW, I can receive emails, but cannot send!  Isn't that odd!

More next week!  As I said before, have a good weekend!


  1. You can receive but not send. My cell phone will receive calls from other cell phones but not land lines. The machines are waging war on us. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Isn't it amazing how fouled up things can get!? But one call to Frontier's tech support and we're up and running full throttle. Frontier's in the category of the good guys...especially after all these previous years with Verizon. Definitely the black hats.