Friday, January 21, 2011

Weather Smorgaasbord

Our weather this morning has been an unfolding cascade of choices.  As the old saying goes, if you don't like the current weather, stick around for the next chapter!  It began with the old adage, "Red sky in the morning, sailors (farmers) take warning (and I've been a sailor, too, so I take no chances and batten down all hatches when I see that kind of red sky of a morning!)  We've had a wealth of gorgeous sunrises this winter, and yesterday's was no exception.

Nonetheless,  I knew we were in for it. 

Indeed.....this is what greeted us at milking time this morning...

And half an hour later, milking finished, we're inside...watching all manner of snow squalls and snow devils (mini-tornadoes, like dust devils, only of snow).  The wind is roaring through the limbs beside the house.  It sounds like it's right here at my desk; and huge swirls of ice crystals are dancing in the sun as it peeps out shyly from behind big billowy clouds. 

The turkeys are basking and preening.....taking shelter from the driving wind between two lumber piles, feathers fluffed to the max.

And now, fifteen minutes later,  the fickle sun apparently has decided to stick around for awhile.....until, that is,  it passes the torch to another weather event, lurking just over the horizon...!

Dearest Readers,

Internet-wise, this week has been mixed.  Yesterday the 'Net was so slow, it made it all but impossible for me to do comments, upload photos and post my blog.  I finally just gave up altogether!  But there is good news on the horizon.  This past Tuesday Frontier Communications called me from Minneapolis to tell me that they were anticipating getting us connected to High Speed Internet by AT LEAST March 31, 2011; however.....they were hoping to get us connected BEFORE then, ideally sometime in February because they are apparently running some specials and would like to include us in their offerings!  WOW!  To think that the phone company called ME!  To give me this news! 

Thank you Dineen Anderson at Frontier.  What great service!

So, anyway....back to the slow, dial-up, Internet at the moment.  As a stop gap I'm going to use my own blog for the moment,  to run a few comments on yours. That way I can minimize the waiting and waiting and waiting...! 
Thank you, everyone!  I love what you write.  You are all such amazing people!
Here's to a wonderful weekend!
See you Monday!


  1. I just LOVE that picture of the cows in the blizzard! They say it's going to snow here this weekend, but I doubt it...we'll see! Have a good one Elora!!

  2. Great photos! Here's hoping you get your high speed hook up soon!

  3. Elora -- this sure has been a winter for those of us used to a bit warmer winters. I keep getting stuck on my hill due to compacted snow or ice or a combination of both. Your photos show us winter in its best of dress. Thanks for a look at winter on the farm. -- barbara

  4. Wonderful photos, as always, Elora! One of the things I like best about living in the mountains is how the weather can change so quickly---there always seems to be something happening! Of course, right now, as we batten down for yet another storm, I'm not looking forward to more snow. But I suppose that's the price we pay for living in such beauty here.

    I'm thrilled for you getting faster internet. I had dial-up for years and just switched to the slowest speed of DSL last year. It's still a bit slow at times, but I'm pretty happy to at last be able to watch all those little videos that I could never see before!

  5. Elora, Thanks so very much! They were so evenly matched!

    Vicki, Thanks much, too! Yes, I'm breathlessly awaiting HSI! I've been working for the past three years to get it here! Collecting names of people wanting it, and being totally given the runaround by Verizon! So, it will be a very big day for me when it arrives! Thanks for comments! And BTW I LOVE your new header! Beautiful. I've been too lazy to fool with changing mine, but I know I'll have to one of these days!

    Isn't that the the truth(warmer winters within recollection. And yes! I am sure going to be excited to get a faster net.

    Beth, I'm not quite done with winter myself. I'm still enjoying cocooning! All too soon my hide-out winter will be no more and the heat will be on! Thanks for your comments!