Sunday, January 30, 2011

Totally Overwhelmed (with joy!) - High Speed Update...

Sunrise This Morning
I clicked on my blog to edit my post of the previous afternoon, got up to go do something to "wait" for the blog to come up....and immediately sat back down again because it had already appeared on the screen!  OMG!!  We've also been able to follow the situation in Egypt by video and audio which we find particularly gripping and courageous on the part of the people; and my friend, Debbi, and her husband were with us last evening for dinner to celebrate MM's 80th birthday; dear girl, she spent most of the evening getting the then intermittent HSI straightened out....had to "re-boot" the modem several times (while knowing what you're doing!)(somewhat important!) and she --techie wizard that she is--showed me all about podcasts and iTUNES, and Google docs, and Google Earth; she got MM's and my Gmail accounts set up as a stop-gap between now and when we switch off of our last ISP.  WOW!  I am totally overwhelmed.  Thank you, Debbi.  And thank you Frontier!  Taking a coffee break at the moment.  Back tomorrow!


  1. Glad you're up and running again ... and so glad to help. Maybe I should get a tech support job!

  2. Debbi, I think instead you ought to go into party planning....:-)) Maybe a sideline of tech support designed specifically for seniors!

    Thanks much, Barbara!