Saturday, March 13, 2010

And One More...

I worried about it all night!  I knew I would.  And there it was, this morning when I reached the computer:  Thomas's post-- reminding me that I had failed to include him on the list of thank you's and "don't miss!"  I can blame it on my ancient mind! Sorry Thomas!!  I can't wait to read his post today on King for a Day!  But first......

Thomas posts one to two times a week and each time he does, it's a compenium of fascinating information about his farm--sometimes, as today, other topics...He and his family have a beautiful farm and work hand-in-hand WITH the land to grow and celebrate the heritage of that partnership.  Don't miss Thomas's blog--- Old Otter Holler Farm-- at 

And, Virginia...thank you, too, for stopping by from time to time.  Love having you in the circle.  I so enjoyed your comments about your Border Collie, Comet.   What a great name!


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  1. unlike the bloviators that populate most of the airwaves, Thomas knows whereof he speaks, from his experience and observation, his acquisitive mind, and active construction of reality through writing. a lot like elora herself. chris chanlett