Monday, March 22, 2010

Comment on Comment

Fog in the Valley

Ruta's comment on my post for today, is instructive.  Although I have no experience with the law in the British Isles (UK), my experience here in the U. S. suggests that the kind of governmental intrusion to which she speaks, is more for the benefit of the government (fees that can be collected and multiplied, squeezing out the marginal farms in favor of the corporate enterprises, etc.)...the case can be made, I believe, that unless we stand our ground here in the U. S., the same kinds of impositions of governmental "regulation" could impact self-sufficiency endeavors.  Don't miss Ruta's post. 

I took the above photo this morning over our back fence looking at the neighbor's farm. 

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  1. You're probably right but at least some of the regulations are because of recent health scares. Who can ever forget the terrible times of Foot and Mouth when a killing circle came to within 2 miles of here. More relevant is Human CJD thought to be transmitted in brain and spinal tissue. One local girl who lived only a few miles from here died from CJD. It's all a matter of balance and our government is notoriously bad at that.