Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going to Seed

MM and I--after the long winter’s nap—are feeling a bit beat up this morning. Those of you who live the agricultural-based life probably know what I mean. Our ancient muscles lie dormant all winter long (mostly) and suddenly, reveille sounds in the form of delightful spring days with sun and light breezes. It’s then that energy has a way of being more in the head than in the hands and feet! So, we charge out bravely, expecting to do everything at once, (just because spring has arrived with the attendant to-do lists) and with no repercussions! Well… it doesn’t quite work that way!

As a result of yesterday’s zeal, we have both discovered muscles we never knew we had! You can almost hear the creaking joints and the word “stupid” has everything to do with a bent-over bone structure rather than brain power—or lack thereof.

It wasn’t windy. It was sunny. And there was no excuse for not doing it. So, out we went yesterday afternoon, to seed clover on the 15-acre east field. The photo is the seeder we bought at the Farm Center. (our old one conveniently broke as we were getting ready to use it) The process is called "walking on the seed."

It’s an Earthway seeder, and positively the very best one we’ve owned. (Doesn’t appear that anyone is bragging on either the box or the seeder “Made in China” so maybe it’s a USA product!) And, we’ve owned several seeders, the last one being a “can” model which was most uncomfortable to use. The Earthway has a bag made of heavy duty nylon, even has a zipper on it. The benefit of the bag over the can is that the bag forms itself to the body rather than being rigid. The adjustment mechanism is perfect—letting the tiny clover seeds through the opening in orderly fashion (rather than a dump), and the whole apparatus has a ridge on one side for keeping the seeder upright, whether it’s in the farmer’s hand or sitting on the ground. It also has a nifty handle for holding the seeder on the opposite side from the crank which relieves some of the stress and strain that sets in after a few passes.

These seeders are a couple of steps above the old timey method of flinging seed out by hand, from a light canvas shoulder bag. The various adjustments allow for seeding everything from the tiniest to the largest seeds.

We took turns walking the length of the field. The whole job probably lasted a couple of hours, but this morning, it feels like it was all day!

I’m working on a Comment on Comments post for later today. Thank you to so many of you who have offered up conversation and compliments on several of my recent posts! I appreciate my readers so much! You are wonderful! More later today…


  1. My husband has completed a couple of home upkeep tasks the last couple of days that necessitated him getting down on the floor and sometimes bending and twisting in most uncomfortable positions. He replaced a faucet and sprayer in my kitchen and regrouted the tile in his bathroom. He really, really hates those kinds of jobs. :) And today, as he paints the windowsills with polyurethane, he groans every time he bends! He is feeling every pound he gained over the winter and regretting every day he didn't walk. :) blessings, marlene

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! I soak everyday in apple cider vinegar and epsom salts. Seems to work out the kinks! Good luck with all your spring time chores!

  3. Elora, I had a strange thing happen on blogger today. You sent this wonderful comment on my seed blog and it disappeared. I KNOW I did not do it! On my seed blog it shows I have 1 comment which is yours. I go to my comment section and your comment does not appear. I guess it is another one of those weird blogspot moments. Could it be delayed action? I have no idea. Thank you for the comment that I did get to read on my dashboard area before I hit publish. A head scratcher.

    Your comment to my seed blog was so well thought out and educational, it would have been a great read for the readers of my blog.

    Your blog today reminds me of the song. "Tem bones, Tem bones, goin to walk around." Your description of the seeder was interesting. What a wonderful life to be outdoors and working the land. (even if you get really sore once in a while)-- barbara

  4. Elora- I am back to say your comment now is appearing on my seed post. Long delayed action I guess. I did not want you to think I did not publish it. Blogspot plays tricks on us once in a while just to check if we are paying attention to what is going on with our blog. Mystery moments.