Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eating Beechnuts?

One of my readers emailed me yesterday after my post on the Beech tree.  She was concerned about information she had read that implied the Beech nuts could be toxic.  The University of British Columbia Botanical Garden explores that question on their forum.  Here's the link:


From what I can gather, the American Beech is edible (and I am living proof of that because I've eaten the beechnuts almost every year, gathering them--in tiny quantities, mind you-- beneath that big old Beech at the back of our farm); but the European Beech, may have some questionable characteristics.  Read the commentaries on the above website and decide for yourselves!  I apologize to my readers who are--in several cases--located in other countries than the U. S.!  I love having you because it broadens everyone's perspective enormously, but sometimes I forget that I am writing for an international audience, not just local folks! Thank you, everyone, for keeping me on my toes! (and thank you, Ruta in North Devon, UK for the heads up!)

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