Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Singing Up Spring

Jessie's looking for spring.  Surely it must be here someplace?!  But, alas, digging for it doesn't help a bit! 

Maybe, like the Navajo, we can try singing it up...that's exactly what the birds are doing.

This morning when I stepped outside, I wish I had had my eyes closed.  The sound was glorious!  Sounds of spring!

The auditory candy was everywhere--a whole symphony of chirps and cheeps, as if the entire bird crew out here JOTOLR was in total and irreversible revolt.

The Cardinals, the Titmice, the Wrens, the Chickadees, along with the Downy Woodpeckers, Red-heads and the Blue Jays had simply taken a vote and decided to jointly end winter and sing up spring in spite of the fact that it snowing....again.

Flitting through the bare limbs, they are in house-hunting mode, searching for the ideal spot with a view and room to grow.  Their throaty declarations echo through the upper stories of the bare-limbed trees.  Life is awakening even as the thick, fluffy flakes (not the tiny little sharp ones) waft down from the sky, re-whitening the roof on the picnic shelter and hay storage.

The Athabascans call this kind of snow, at this time of year, "duck feathers."  Indeed, it's as if someone has had a pillow fight!  It is also rather like nature is arguing with itself as to when to let a little spring come in and give over to another year.

When will the endless winter end?  According to the birds, it ended today.

They have made their decision, and it's final.


  1. It ain't spring until the robins come back. Last year I saw one in February. This year, I hope they're smart enough to stay down south. Nothing for them to eat yet!

  2. You are a wonderful writer -- barbara

  3. Yes you are right...I can feel it in the air!!!