Friday, March 12, 2010

Comments on Comments

First, thank you all for your contributions, your ideas, your support and your presence! I am thrilled to hear from you and so appreciate the honor you give me with the time you choose to spend with me in my blog.

I’ve made new online friends and the list is growing. And my steadfast stalwarts are still…steadfast. I’m discovering new blogs every day and marvel at the interconnectedness we share! Though we are all different, we share pieces that make a whole.

Today, one of my blogger friends at StitchinByTheLake showed me both the similarities and the differences that we share. Her topic of “Routines” today points to the need for structures of one kind and another and the value of routine. She and I are so different in our lifestyles, our philosophies, but so much the same, as well. Drop over to her blog. She’s a wonderful quilter, a great and courageous grandmother, and an all around lovely person! (any grandmother that can endure a visit to Chuckie Cheese, is, in my book, a real heroine!) Thank you, Marlene, for your comments and your “thumbs-up!” Here's how to find her:

Chris, thanks for your comments and support! Some of your comments haven’t made it onto the blog, but your emails are super, too. I hope you’ll stay tuned!

L in Southeast, your blog post today was “right on.” Remember when we all used to say that??? Now, we’re into carbon dating to discover the cause of these types of extinctions! I met L online as I was doing “research” as to whether or not I would “put up” a blog. She began her blog last fall, and I have followed it almost from the moment I found it. She even changed the name, but I persisted. And it has been so worthwhile. L talks about her plight, at 65 years of age (same as me!) of losing her job, falling behind on mortgage payments, the tragedy of having to sell her beautiful home that she worked hard to get…all with a sense of joie de vivre coupled with a sense of justifiable anger and angst. If you want to know what this economy is doing to regular folks like L., don’t miss going over to her blog.  You'll find her at

If you haven’t journeyed to North Devon (in the UK) to visit Ruta and her Ramblings, you’re really missing a bet! Yesterday she commented on my library post. Surprisingly, she told us that in the UK library patrons PAY to borrow CD’s and DVD’s and videos. Can you beat that???!!! How we Americans take for granted our many privileges! She also mentioned that seating just for reading in their libraries is minimal. When you think about it, though, that’s probably just fine if you’re mainly checking out books to take home and read! Ruta is a great gardener and goes at weeds with a vengeance I can't begin to match. She’s also a primary grade teacher and, as far as I can see, gets to do all the fun stuff. Take a look:

Ruta's blog is located at

Carolyn H. is sharing her backyard with us right now as she watches the amazing spectacle of the annual waterfowl migration. Her notes somehow reassure me that we haven’t lost the environment totally…at least not yet. To see hundreds or thousands or ten-thousand migrating birds must be the peak of entertainment Her blog, Roundtop Ruminations is located at

Here’s a blog I KNOW most of you will enjoy:

Barbara explores her Kentucky countryside and brings it right to your computer-screen doorstep. Today’s post was about old cemeteries. We have so many here in West Virginia! In fact, we have one right here JOTOLR. Barbara’s photos and commentary are a delight! If you like things rural, you will LOVE Barb’s website, and you'll learn much as she also features other websites that parallel her own message.  It's great!

And Debbi continues to be a steadfast supporter. Matter of fact, if it weren’t for Debbi, you would never have read the first post on Just Off The One-Lane Road. She not only helped me, she literally shoved me into the pond, and with no apologies whatsoever, it was sink or swim.   Her blog is testimony that persistence pays off and courage to keep going is key to whatever each of us individually perceives as success. Thank you, Debbi, for your support as you share with us your struggle to drop those extra pounds!

Fragments from Floyd continues to be a favorite. Fred First has just scads of neat stuff to explore on his website: and for those of you on High Speed Internet (boohoo, I’m still on dial-up)(do you know that in the farthest reaches of China, EVERYBODY has broadband!!!) he is adding some twists that will further enrich his blog and your life. Do take time to sample Fred’s environment-based blog. You’ll love it when he throws in the odd comment about Tsuga, The Dog and his dorky-brained chickens! Humor, info, and lots of just good stuff.
EloraDaphne and I share the same first name. Her blog A Canadian in Italy is filled with photos and revealing portraits of her day to day Italy. Elora is a translator, originating from Vancouver. We had great exchanges during the Olympics. And, she is getting married –to an Italian—in June! Her most recent commentary on the Italian postal service was priceless as she set out to mail her wedding invitations…well in advance!

Visit her at

Some of you stop by and I never know you’ve been to visit. I hope you’ve found something worthwhile and keep coming back.  I welcome your presence!  New readers, Kevin and Joanne, Sam, welcome to Just Off The One-Lane Road! Great to have you!

As I sign off, the photo below was taken a couple of days ago. Elora (the other Elora) thought it looked cold, when, indeed, it was just the opposite! The mists gather when the weather starts to get warm here. By June, we’ll awaken every morning JOTOLR to misty conditions that dissipate just before noon, if all goes as it has in the past….but then….we’re all wondering about climate change….who knows what will happen?!
Thank you everyone! And again, have a lovely weekend!


  1. Thank you Elora - what a swee thing to do. Differences are just like spices. It takes all kinds to make an epicurean dish! blessings, marlene

  2. Thanks Elora, What a nice commentary about the people that love to visit your blog. Bloggers love to blog and it shows through in blogs such as yours. -- barbara

  3. Thank you for introducing me to some fascinating new blogs. My list of favourites gets longer each day. What a great community blogworld is.

  4. I love your blog, I found it through the Farmer's Wife. My grand daughter likes to sit on my lap and she loves your pictures, the moos and buck bucks (her names for of course cows and chickens) I will check out some of the blogs you have mentioned. Pam