Friday, March 12, 2010

ETC. (Elora's Tangy Comments)

Over the weeks, I have collected a few thoughts that seem to create a bee-in-my-bonnet affect, or--more like a burr under my saddle.  I don't want to take a whole lot of time with each topic, but instead, I thought I'd just throw out the topics--kind of like chumming with them--and see if anyone bites.

Here goes:

ITEM:  Does anyone really CARE if the Post Office goes to a five-day delivery schedule?  I mean, REALLY care?  How about a four-day or a three-day?  Does near-daily mail delivery matter any more?  On the other hand, will you miss those Bugs Bunny neckties, and paying  a rate hike twice a year that scrambles your postage scales and makes them obsolete in exchange for reasonable rates and a reduced schedule of delivery?

ITEM:  Did you know there are 237 millionaires in Congress?

ITEM:  You know this massive food recall? (Or didn't you hear about it? Maybe that's because it really ISN'T a FOOD recall...)  It's a recall--mostly--of a food ADDITIVE, a FLAVORING that makes what little food value is present in the stuff, taste more LIKE food. And, this flavoring is tainted.

ITEM: You know the screenings for prostate cancer--the P.S.A. tests?  The health industry is slowly coming around to acknowledging that it's a real moneymaker...and--perhaps, after all...oops! it isn't much of an indicator or predictor of prostate cancer.  American men have a 16 percent lifetime chance of receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer and a 3 percent chance of dying from it.  Have a look at the Great Prostate Mistake .

ITEM:  On a lighter note, I bought a kite.  As a child, my house was surrounded by tall fir trees and ominous power lines.  Of course, the bay was the boundary on the other side, and barnacled beaches weren't ideal for kite-flying.  My kite this year--I was extravagant in my expenditure of $5--is a Salamander.  With a ten-foot tail, it's BEAUTIFUL!  I'll keep you posted on my flying adventures!

ITEM:  On a still-lighter note, I bought a hula hoop.  This old senior body needs to stay flexible.  I used to be pretty good at keeping the thing spinning. But maybe they just don't make 'em like they used to.... or maybe it's me that isn't made like I "used to" (be!)  I'll get better!  And, similarly to the kite-flying...I'll keep you posted.

ITEM:  Ever notice how much trash, processed food generates?  Tons.  Literally. How many layers of wrappers go into a box of pre-prepared Sausage and Pancakes?  And for Pete's sake! Who can't fix a bunch of pancakes and a mess of sausage without buying it "ready-to-eat?"  Obviously, though, not on a stick!  Just take a stroll through the "ready-to-eat" freezers and shelves next time you go grocery shopping.  Take along a little calculator, too.  Note the price of the pre-packaged junk and compare that to, say...pancakes made from scratch and a pound of sausage you have to fry yourself.  Oh, and compare the trash level between the food you personally prepare and the ready-to-poison yourself stuff.  No comparison.

ITEM:  You DO have to SOAK dry beans BEFORE you cook them.  That said, you also have to cook them about an hour on simmer.  They are NOT micro-wave-able.  This reminds me of the young girl learning to bake a cake.  As the recipe directed, she added the three and all.                                      

ITEM:  Which brings me to the final snippet for today:  I promised I'd let you know when I got three eggs in one day.  Happened yesterday.  Three lovely brown eggs...from five chickens.  Spring has sprung and it's time for the rest of the birds in this neighborhood to start staking their claims for the nesting season.  All of them are eyeballing this snag that features a room with a view!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.  See second post for the day entitled Comments on Comments to follow later on this afternoon. I want to thank some of my readers and encourage you to stop by their blogs.
See you Monday!


  1. WOW!! you are an amazing person. I am so lucky to know you personaly. You bring me home. This was a wonderful idea. thank you, Kevin

  2. Agree, especially with the paper waste on packaging and the five day postal week. -- barbara

  3. Well you certainly have given me a few more things to think about, my friend. Keep those items coming, and congratulations on the egg harvest!

  4. The other day I had 3 eggs, from 3 hens! 2 of those naughty birds keep hopping over the fence and scratching around in the garden. Good thing they come when called. Re junk food, I recently followed an ad on a US blog and found frozen peanut butter & jam (jelly) sandwiches with the crusts cut off !!! I mean who can't make a jam sandwich for goodness sake and anyway that's a pretty unhealthy option for a child's lunch.

  5. Hi Elora and MM:

    Great idea to throw a bunch of topics out there and see what sticks. One item that struck me was about how many millionaires are in Congress. I knew it was significant, but did not realize it was that many. Knowing this, it should not be a surprise that nepotism, one of the oldest forms of corruption, is on the rise in our government. At no time in our history have more spouses or relatives of sitting senators or representatives been active in government, either holding public office or as lobbyists. Talk about a conflict of interest. It used to be these activities were very discreet, but not anymore. Now it's in your face and there is nothing you can do about it.