Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fabulous Realities

Fabulous Realities....that's the name of Colleen Anderson's CD.  She's a West Virginia treasure!  And she's a fabulous reality all by herself.  If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing her songs, do yourself a favor and get her self-produced CD! You can find it at the following:

Meantime....some feel sorry for us out here JOTOLR that we have to milk a cow early and late...

But were it not for  milking, I would probably never see these incredible sunrises and sunsets!

Of course, I tweaked the above photo just a bit to reach for "fabulous realities."
But, I left the one below alone.  Both photos are from this morning.

The weather forecast is calling for snow showers on Friday!  And it's definitely chilly out now.  We spent the afternoon cutting, hauling and stacking firewood, so I'm a bit late posting, today, but we're ready!  Ready for soup, homemade biscuits  and chai!

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  1. Elora, As I sit here shivering, I realize that it is indeed winter cold knocking on my door, coming to visit for a few months. You are up and ready to meet the winter guest. You even have the meal all planned out.

    You have become the professional sky watcher and photographer! Absolutely beautiful photos. -- barbara