Friday, November 19, 2010


As I hope you all know, I am not someone who forwards lots of websites. Mostly I avoid doing so because there's so much to read and absorb and each of us has our individual preferences about what's important ...and what's not. Excessive forwarding is just as much an invasion of one's privacy as is spam.

But I believe this particular appeal reaches all across our mental borders...we're all curious, and as a result, in searching for answers, we often turn to a source that has become a standard go-to: Wikipedia. Who would have thought, years ago, that such a place would exist, where one could turn for information, carefully created by volunteers, thoughtfully researched...saving the searcher countless time, and making information available for us to use, as we choose, without paying royalties, and trusting --mostly--the accuracy of the information provided.  I know how much I use Wiki and how I treasure it. It's hard to imagine, worldwide, a better use of the Internet.

My blog post today is in support of Wikipedia. Every year at this time, they come to us, the seekers, for a little charity to keep the site up and running. The link below lets you read founder, Jimmy Wales's appeal, and there is a box to the right for as little as a $20 or less, donation. I can't think of a better gift than the gift of knowledge. If you can afford it, and you agree that Wikipedia is a valuable tool in your day to day, please consider at least a small gift to keep the lights on at Wikipedia.

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And once again, the calendar pages have swirled off into the mists of time!  What a wonderful week this has been!  You, too?  For us, out here JOTOLR, it's been busy and exciting.  The garden is almost "over" we'll put down sauerkraut, and six weeks from now it will be ready.  We have a turkey to dispatch (no, I won't show you!) for Thanksgiving.  I still have some peppers on the porch to clean and put in the freezer; MM wanted me to can a few pears, but they're still hard as rocks and need another week or so to mellow.  We still have Brussels sprouts in the garden which we enjoy nightly, and there are the TURNIPS!  It's hard to convey their hugeness, but trust me!  These turnips are crisp and delicious and measure six to seven inches in diameter.  What a feast they are!  It's a full meal deal!  Reminds me of that children's book about a Big Turnip that eventually involved the whole community in wresting it from the ground.

So, that's it for this week, my friends.  My missing parts for the spinning wheel have been shipped and might even arrive today.  I'll keep you posted on the assembly.  I've managed to catch up with many of you who have so generously taken time to comment.  Thank you, thank you!  Such lovely, thoughtful people!  How I wish you could all come sit on our porch out here JOTOLR!  We'd talk for hours and hours, I just know it!  Thank you for being a part of our lives!

Have a great weekend.  Football and homegrown popcorn on the horizon!  
See you Monday 


  1. Elora -- So nice that you mentioned Wiki. I am sending a small donation -- wish I could send more as I feel they deserve lots of thanks for what they provide to online readers. Also, your turnips are beautiful and LARGE! I can tell by your posts that you have moved into a bit of a slower pace mode from this summer. Enjoy your popcorn -- barbara

  2. Thanks for the "thumbs-up" on this one, Barbara. And, yes! The pace around here is a lot easier than mid-summer! And the popcorn is well worth growing! Easy grow, easy eat! And no butter needed!

  3. I rarely use Wiki but I do think it's a great thing.

    I remember helping my mother make sauerkraut. My job was to scour, and scour, and scour the two large flat rocks she used to weight down the cabbage. Your posts always bring me such pleasant memories. thanks

  4. You know, NCMW, don't you wonder, now, whatever was it that resided in those rocks and could possibly have survived all that salt??!!!

    You are so welcome! And, your thoughtful blog posts regards the sad state of our country,at the moment...thank you for your insightful commentaries. I so agree with all of them, and am glad you take that tack now and again, whenever you believe it is merited. I'm there!


  5. Dang, you make me wish I'd planted turnips -- though no one else is very enthusiastic about them around here, I really like them!

    Good point about Wikipedia -- massively useful as long as one remembers it's not always completely trustworthy.