Saturday, November 27, 2010

Playing Hookie

I took the day off yesterday without apology and, worse, without warning!  The whole glorious day, I played with my toys in my toybox!  Until, that is, that INCREDIBLE Auburn/Alabama football game! Holy smoke!  What a barnburner! Did any of you see it? The score at the half was Auburn zero, Alabama 24!  And, Auburn won the game (28-27).

Other than milking Marigold twice yesterday, I have to say, I did nothing to earn my keep!  My lovely Country Spinner/Indian Spinner (which I learned was specifically designed by Richard Ashford of Ashford Spinning Wheels, for the Cowichan Indians on Vancouver Island, BC --where we lived--and at their request), is challenging my abilities and I am slowly regaining my command of this particular "language."  It's quite the "machine."  For the first time ever, I tried (somewhat marginally successfully) plying a four-ply yarn yesterday.  And yes, I had a few tangle-ups!  But, oh so much fun!

As Cam Newton said, "We're coming...we're coming."

So, it's Saturday morning and instead of waiting until Monday to redeem myself for my absence, I thought I would send you love in the form of sunsets. 

Hope you are still enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday!  And that you didn't spend everything you have on Black Friday. 

The gold coin of sun
Slips into twilight's dim hands
A day swiftly spent.


  1. Elora -- beautiful poem -- beautiful photos -- barbara

  2. I did watch the game. While I had no real interest in the outcome, it was one of the best games I've seen in quite a while.

    What a wonderfully descriptive poem. Just perfect with the photograph.

  3. Thanks so much, Barbara!

    NCMW, I agree! We've, of course, been following the SEC because that's what TV we get (still clinging to "principle" by refusing to purchase cable--the thought being that the airwaves belong to the American people and we should NOT have to pay for what is rightfully ours...consequently, we have fewer choices. :-))) So...guess we've taken a set in favor of Auburn over Alabama, just to "spread the wealth" so to speak. But on the excitement factor alone, it was quite a game, wasn't it!

    Thanks much for comments!