Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time to Log On

And that, dearest readers, is why I won't be logging on very long, today!  MM is already out in the woods.  I can hear his chainsaw roaring away.  I'm inside at the moment finishing up making a half-gallon of ice cream and shortly I'll be on my way out to LOG ON! 

MM fells the trees (he did that way last spring); he drags them in with the tractor; saws them into usable lengths and splits them.  All I have to do is carry and stack.  We're on our way to wood for the winter!  And this is how the heating system out here JOTOLR works!
Gotta go!  The ice cream maker just shut off, so it's time to put the produce in the freezer, grab my raincoat (yes, it just started to sprinkle) and leather gloves and head for the woods and the sound of the saw! See you tomorrow!


  1. Elora -- you and your husband live an ideal farm life. I know it is a a lot of work but you make it sound like it is a labor of love. You are fortunate! -- barbara

  2. Ah, firewood -- warms you in the getting, the splitting and stacking, and finally, in the burning.