Friday, November 5, 2010

Thank you so much!

Dearest Readers, all,

Thank you so much for your sweet words! I've stored them in my "Blog Comments" file, like the treasures they are so I can take them out and re-remember them, one by one.  Barbara, Linda, Debbi, NCMW, Thomas, Chris, Ruta, Marlene, and all...wishing you the best!  And will do my best to keep the balls in the air for another 250 posts!

The weekend is here!  Again.  Thought I would mention that the EPOXI, NASA's spacecraft on the move, traveling at 8 miles per second has a fly-by tonight that will come within 435 miles of the Hartley comet.  There is a spectacular image on the Daily Telegraph's website today, as the Hartley is capturing photos as I write.  The Hartley comet was discovered a few years back by a British amateur astronomer, and is named for him.  Here's the link to the Hartley Comet Photo
The comet is actually visible to the naked eye, more so with binoculars...providing you have a clear sky, which, here in Southern West Virginia, is unlikely because of clouds and snow in the forecast.  Oh, and BTW...I cheated.  That's that fuzzy moon from a few days back.  But it kind of looks like a comet, don't you think?

And just look what I bought last week when it was 75 degrees! And you all laughed! Well, you should have been with me this morning at milking when the ice chips rattled down on the metal roof of the milking stall. I got in on the ground floor with this baby, called Green Lightning! I mean to tell you this is going to be the speediest downhiller I've ever owned. The yellow one we had last year finally gave up the ghost. This is way better! Come real snow, I will be that green streak of greezed lightning, tearing across the pastures, out here JOTOLR!
Well, everyone, that about does it for this week.  NCAA football tomorrow is LSU and Alabama...should be good.  MM is a reasonable (not crazy) football fan and enjoys the game and how it's played rather than who wins.  Which is very cool, I think.

Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!


  1. But how on earth do your steer it? We've got a taste of winter here as well.

    We need a change of attitude around here about football. Here's it's all about who wins.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. You don't, NCMW. That's what makes it so exciting!

  3. Yee Haw!!! You be careful on that contraption, you hear?

  4. Elora -- love your Green Lightning -- if I were there I would rattle my tambourine to the rushing noise as you streaked down the hills -- so fun! -- barbara

  5. I promise, Vicki....but pure unadulterated abandon, could prevail! Doggone it, though! You got all the snow! We're back to the pineapple express, here!


    I have been meaning to comment on your tambourine! What a marvelous idea that was, to purchase it! You can come sledding with me anytime, so long as you bring the tambourine alone and make music! We'd be a pair....accordion and tambourine music around the warm-up fire! NCMW, I've been meaning to mention that my dog counts, too. She knows exactly when I am done milking my side, and comes and wheedles for pets at that very moment. She counts the number of bottles completed! Love your dog-posts! :-))


  6. Oh my, Elora...I am so jealous of your Green Lightning! Back when we lived in Boone, NC, we had the most wonderful sledding hill (until the owner planted Christmas trees on it). I have such good memories of sliding with my kids down that hill, then going inside to sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate, while our wet clothes dried by the fire.

    By the way, we don't usually watch football, but just happened to catch the UNC/Florida State game this weekend. What a game that was!

  7. Y'all come sledding with me! What a blast! I'm always out there when the first opportunity presents itself, hurtling down the hill toward the woods. By myself, except for the dogs (MM thinks I am nuts!) I have to tell you, though, I cut my teeth on snow-sledding. LITERALLY. When I was a kid, we had a great sledding hill. And it snowed but rarely in the Pacific Northwest. When it did, though, school was OUT and sledding was IN. The only problem with the hill was that it directly intersected the main highway, which, during snow didn't have a whole lot of traffic. Nonetheless, we all stopped our sleds shy of the intersection by bailing out, into the brush. Usually that worked fine...except when a large boulder presented itself, after my having bailed off a little too early. I was the bottom part of the duo, with a neighbor girl on top of me. Quite a bit of momentum!! Large rock and I met, shall we say, face-to-face, and I lost my front teeth. And several thousand dollars worth of othodontics which had just been installed! Not pretty. So, even today, I am wary!