Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gift of A Day

It's the kind of day I dream of during the sweltering dog days of July, when the sun is searing the back of my neck and the humidity makes me want to cut a hole through which to breathe.  Pulling those persistent weeds I would try to remember the softer schedule that would come in late fall and winter.    Today it is here.

It's cool, misty, drizzly... 

Heavy clouds have darkened the afternoon.  

And I am taking full advantage of this gift!


  1. lucky you! Oh how I long for a day like this right now. It seems so ironic that I spend all winter looking forward to summer heat and now we have it I'm dreaming of those delicious cool autumn days. Enjoy it while you can!

  2. Oh yes! But the mist has turned to rain here -- an inch and a half and still pelting down. A good inside day!

  3. Elora -- I'm with you after this sizzling summer -- bring on the the dark clouds, misty rain, and cool temps -- I too am ready! -- barbara

  4. Oh Julia! You're only a typical "farmer." Farmers have so much trouble with weather: when it's cold, they want warm; when it's warm, they want it cooler; when it's dry, they want rain; when it's raining, they want sun!

    Vicki, Are you getting snow, today?

    Barbara, I believe you and I are related!!! in fact, I really believe we're all related, Julia, Vicki, Barbara and me!