Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Comments on Comments

Hi, everyone!

Gosh, I stay away for a couple of days and Blogger now considers me a stranger.  Not only that, but it won't let me post comments on my own blog!  Oh, well....this is not "Anonymous" but rather, me, Elora, letting you know I'm posting follow-up comments as a new post here.

We're coming into the home stretch with the garden-planting and I am finally able to catch up with comments, here!

You really had a dose of that hail! I learned at Farm Club meeting that our farm marked the boundary between the "severe" effects and the "extremely severe." Our neighbor just over the hill had the paint taken off her house and she said the wind was "unbelievable" whereas we got almost no wind. Night and day!

Hey, Linda!

Yes, indeed! It was/is definitely a bad "weather event"--certainly nothing to compare with Joplin (and thankful we aren't in Tornado Alley) but bad stuff.

NCMW, the noise alone probably scared them! But having unknown missles raining down from an angry sky is hard to explain to them!

That WAS a hail of a storm, Vicki! Great wordsmith, as usual!


You are so right about the "reign" of unusual weather haunting us all of late! Not something I want to see again any time soon! You are entirely welcome, Barbara! Yep. Prepare for the worst, every time you get a forecast that is even close to you! I, for one won't take them lightly!


Thanks so much for dropping by to visit! Oh dear! A new roof?! What an eye opener! I spoke with another gal at Farm Club meeting and her car is a mess and must be re-painted.

I remember long years ago, meeting a man from Texas, whose son and a friend were in a hailstorm that had baseball sized hail. It easily broke the windshield of both front and back of the car, and then proceeded to pile up as the boys tried to take shelter beneath the front seats levered back as far as they would go. They, literally, almost froze to death as they were buried deep in the mound of hailstones!

Hi, Beth!

Great to hear from you! Glad you made it through all right! Hope all is going well for you, girl!

Thanks everyone for your kindness in reading my blog! We're been "on a tear" our here JOTOLR, trying to get the garden all planted, albeit late! We're just about caught up and it's time to lay down another field of hay today

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