Monday, June 27, 2011


In the morning with my first cup of coffee (and second and third!) I will often sit on the porch with MM, listening to the morning's commuter traffic (the birds commute among the many tall, deciduous trees and all manner of birdsongs echo through the yard!), wait for the fog to lift and handspin.  It's a pleasant bridge between dreamland and the day's realities.  I let my mind wander, not yet anchored to the morning's routine. 

I'm spinning sock yarn at the moment...very fine, and ultimately a three-ply destined for a pair of socks for MM, using my Leicester Longwool roving which was beautifully  processed by Hidden Valley Woolen Mills in Wisconsin earlier this year. 

Finishing my first cup of coffee yesterday, I picked up my empty cup and went to the kitchen for a re-fill.  On returning, I noticed the roving that customarily hangs out of the flyer orifice, was missing.  I also caught a mysterious white flash of some bird leaving the vicinity of my spinning wheel and heading for the trees!  "Unusual," I thought.  I couldn't recall a single bird that was white--or at least, THAT white as I stood by my wheel contemplating.   Another flash of white drew my eyes upward....

And there it was...the piece of roving! And not far away was a cheeky titmouse that had recognized the fine quality of my wool and decided it would be just the ticket for a nice cozy-warm nest.  Indeed!  Daring little critter!  I guess I can spare a little.  

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  1. I love this story. I also need a bridge between dreamland and the day's reality. I get my bridge sitting on the deck watching the birds. I love the very wise decision of your titmouse. We give them bunches of Golden Retriever hair and they will come right on the deck to retrieve it.