Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watering Hole

It's a very ordinary thing.  Watering, that least to humans...

But not necessarily to dogs.  We are blessed with having two out of three Border Collies totally obsessed with MM's task of watering....With one BC, I've considered re-hab....she's so drawn to water and waterING, that during her puppyhood and training for "bigger things" (moving cattle, chickens, etc.) she would skip off and take a swim if we were anywhere near the big pond.  She would simply disappear and I knew instantly where she was.   

Jessie is also in the "obsessed camp."  And since there aren't many things that Jessie can do nowadays, with her dowager status and gimpy leg, we celebrate her enthusiasm when it surfaces.  One thing she CAN do is WATER.  She takes aim at the stream coming out of the hose, barks and jumps and trots around as MM gives a drink to the plants.  Finally, she dives in and grabs it!  It's one of her favorite summertime pursuits.

She  looks absolutely foolish and chagrined at times...!  Who me?  Wasn't me...

But she's a water addict.  Foolish as she may appear, this is serious business as far as she's concerned, and as long as MM will stand there watering, she's happy to look slightly maniacal and romp about!  What a joy to see her playing again!

You go, Jessie, girl!

Get that water!!!

 What a way to get a drink! 

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  1. Love these pics! Hope you and Blogger eventually resolve your problem.