Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Comments on Creatures in the night....


I did search "ants", but the trouble is the terminology needed for doing a search which isn't ants, but rather the residue of ants, or earth balls of ants....I used to be a professional online searcher and thus am fairly good at coming up with the terms that "nail" a search, but in this case....what should I use? Ant houses? Ant "leavings" or ant detritus...???

Oh, Vicki! What a hoot!!! I LOVE the idea of miniature crop circles (being a firm believer in Von Daneken's early astronauts in Chariots of the Gods!)(I joke!)

Jim...I'm starting to re-think things, based on your observation....hmmmmmmm??? Thanks for your comment. Earthworms, though, aren't noted for the size of their brains...whereas ants are notably pretty clever....and these edifices seem particularly creative in design....
I, too, as a child LOVED to sit and watch any number of anthills we had in the woods and noted the various colors of the different species of ant. Most feared? The red and black ones that had a nasty sting/bite! When we lived in Australia, we were enamored of the green ants...gorgeous lime green, and boy! Could they ever give you a sharp reply if you disturbed them~!

Julia, does New Zealand have those green ants?

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