Friday, June 3, 2011

Creatures that Build in the Night...

Aren't these the oddest things?  I wonder what goes on in the garden at night.  These must be the result of the swing-shift crew working deep underground, carrying little balls of compacted soil to the surface, making mini-mountains above ground. 

Are they ants?  The surface during the day can be completely clear, but when I come out in the morning, there are all these little construction sites dotting the  landscape of the garden.  There isn't a single design.  Some look like mini-volcanoes. 

Others favor a cookie shape,

...and still others seem more carelessly created, with a random approach to design. 

I'd like to catch them in the act, but when their work begins, mine has ended for the day and I can't seem to remember at that time of the night to take the flashlight out and investigate! 

Anyone got a clue?


  1. Elora -- I vote for ants. As to what kind I have no idea. E.O. Wilson is the expert on ants. Search him online or just search ants. -- barbara

  2. The insect equivalent of crop circles, perhaps...

  3. Elora,

    Could your mounds possibly be the work of earthworms? The fact that you haven't observed ant activity during the day, the mounds appear at night, and their shape is irregular makes me think they may be earthworm castings.


  4. I've seen those, too, Elora, and always assumed they were the work of ant civilizations, but it is odd that you never see ants around them during the day. I was absolutely fascinated by ants when I was little and could watch them for hours. (I have always been easily entertained!)

    Let us know what you find out...