Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Comments on Comments...again.

Blogger still cannot recognize me, so, here we go again, with comments where a post should be.

Yes, Vicki! His expression seems to reflect an ability to put up with all the nonsense and noise that humans are able to generate. Barely!


Loved your post on the little store you encountered during your "Lost Travels!" And we definitely DO like having a Toad beside the door! The declining population of amphibians worldwide, is frightening, so we are doubly pleased.

NCMW, what a lovely thought! The crickets gather in the fall and honor us with their songs; why not toads honoring us with their good-luck presence during the summer?! Don's remember just when, but last year,(I'm careless when it comes to inserting those "tags") I talked about the Chinese keeping crickets as pets.

SWVA-- Our hearts go out to you with your sheep and the travail associated with keeping them. MM and I know the routine well. It was always such a hassle for us, getting 500 of them shorn in the late spring between rainstorms, and what with trying to get that wool off before any fly-strike (this--for those of you who don't know--is where maggots embed in the damp, manure-clotted fleece and begin eating into the live flesh of the sheep, which results in huge patches of decomposing skin that sloughs off in patches, and then must be medicated to keep the sheep from dying--yes, I know it's disgusting, folks, but you need to know what risks farmers face.) Keeping the ewes dry was a challenge. How does one "barn" 250 sheep overnight in order to have them dry enough that the shearer can work his magic?

And, I know whereof you speak, SWVA! Including the canning, handicrafts, etc. I also have been in your "wool sack" position many times! Tromping down the wool to pack that woolsack tight! Itchy job! Especially on a humid afternoon in SWVA!

Elora in Italy, you are so right (so much to catch up on!) Including your battle with the Italian post office!! How's it going??  I've loved accompanying you on your marvelous hikes in the Italian countryside!


  1. BBB -- Blogger behaving badly!

  2. Hope blogger comes through for you soon! -- barbara