Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So there I was. On my knees and unaware. I was rolling up the open-weave fabric which originally had been used to bind up the Scuppernongs we’d ordered and received in the early spring.

I was elated to ge able to cannibalize the potting soil beneath the fabric and use it for potting up the geraniums that I have kept over winter to hang in baskets at the picnic shelter. So, I was daydreaming. Curling up the edges of the fabric, a hand on either side…rolling each side to the center to lift it from the pussy willow starts that have rooted beneath it…. contemplating where I should plant those pussy willows now that they have sturdy roots on them. I wasn’t thinking about much else. I certainly wasn’t thinking about toads. The birds were twittering in the background; the cows across the road were making a racket; and I was slowly and carefully furling the sides of the fabric….when all at once it got strangely heavy; I bent down to investigate and this is what I found! TOAD! AGAIN!

I must say Toad is becoming quite the star around here. He shows up at the most surprising times. I am always startled and at first screech, “TOAD!” followed by “Oh, Toad! Sorry! Didn’t mean to disturb you!”

He’s (or she’s) extraordinarily patient and tolerant. Don’t forget, I’ve even stepped on him so far this spring. As I said, though, we are so pleased to have Toad here on the porch and around, getting earwigs and such. (plenty of those this year with all the rain!) But I know Toad believes I have a funny way of showing affection!

Here’s another shot of Toad on the opposite side of the house…taken a week or so earlier.  To be sure, he is showing up in all sorts of places, but I will draw the line if Toad decides to take advantage of the late evening's open door to the back porche and come inside!


  1. Elora -- wonderful to hear about your toad buddy. They certainly like to clean up the insect crowd. I have a few hanging around my place -- love to hear them croak at night. Great photos. -- barbara

  2. Elora, what a delightful post you created--almost makes me love the toad!
    We hope (and so do the sheep!) that the shearer from Grayson Co. comes this week to shear 23 sheep. We sell the wool thro' the local wool pool and I try to pack it in the BIG wool sacks (all 100 lbs of me!) We have lost a 6 month old lamb and 5 lambs of this winter's offspring to coyotes. Despair.
    I possess no talents in the folkways department though I thoroughly appreciate those who do. I found I could not be a full-time educator (12 mo. a year for 43 years), full-time mother, full-time housewife and farmer's wife and do much else so I even gave up gardening when the children were in grade school. The Farmer (also a fulltime educator and farmer) could not believe I was going to live on a farm and not garden! but canning and freezing at 2:00AM did not work. (I also am not a GOOD gardener though I grew up in a garden!) However, I have a strong appreciation for all of the wonderful needlework, etc. I have inherited from my forebears who were so gifted in those folkways.
    The haying goes on in the HOT weather (big bales) and then we make a few square bales for the sheep later on. It is getting dry here... Best wishes....SWVA

  3. Love the toad. Wonder if it brings the same good luck as a cricket on the hearth?

  4. Hi Elora, So much to catch up on! Toad is the cutest thing ever - I would be tempted to keep him as a pet...but he is much better off in the garden - at least he is a useful pet :)

  5. Elora, I am so envious of your fat toad! I had a handsome toad in my garden last year (a banner year for bugs as this year is also shaping up to be). But there is no sign of him this year, though we have a HUGE number of skinks.