Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bounty Beyond Belief!

Squash, anyone?  The 2010 squash season has come to an end....well, sort of.....comes now the challenge of  marketing and selling these beautiful veggies.  Wish you all lived closer so we could share!  We could handle a lot of sharing!
Now, another look at those Okra pods...aren't they beautiful!  I'm waiting for their final hurrah as they split wide open and toss the seeds everywhere (in the bowl where they're currently imprisoned!  The colors of these pods was so lovely
The growing season is winding down, albeit slowly.  The drought is in full swing here in West Virginia.  We haven't had any rain since August 25th.  And, there's nothing significant in the forecast.  Not to worry,though.  September's always the dry season of the year.


  1. What beautiful colors of your squash and okra. Love the harvest colors of fall -- favorite time of the year for me. How about you? -- barbara

  2. Oh, yes! My favorite season is just now starting to reveal itself. I, too, Barbara, love fall colors. I got my Canon Rebel camera in August last year. I didn't start my blog until January. So I had four months of photos before I went "live." So, I'm going to cheat a bit now and again, and share my last years pix! Forgive me!!!

    Thank you again, for that wonderful post today on the Barn Swallows. It was a beautiful piece of selfless construction. You choose wonderful subjects!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Our okra is still going strong -- some are eight feet tall. Probably I should have topped them -- I noticed some finally bearing on side shoots.