Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's another scorcher today.  Ninety degrees.  Records are being broken all over the map!  Things out here JOTOLR are crisp.  Out fencing yesterday, the heat was intense, but a good breeze was blowing.  The downside of that refreshing breeze is that we hold our collective breath that some idiot won't decide to burn trash.  There's no telling where a wildfire could spread, given these horribly dry conditions and a good draft.
On the other hand, last night we sat out on the porch and watched that glorious moon climb the black bowl.  Right below it is Jupiter with it's stunning brilliance.  Not many stars visible, but oh, what a joyous evening as we rocked back and simply watched, in silence,  the leaves of the nearby maple, susurrant as a cool breeze walked through. 
Life is good.


  1. Lovely shots! Wildfires are always a worry here too -- very dry just now in spite of a big rain a week ago.

  2. Such beautiful pictures of the sun and moon, Elora. And beautiful words. I just had to thank you for using one of my favorite words in the English language here----susurrant I first encountered "susurrus" in one of my favorite books of all time---Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. And I've loved it ever since.