Friday, September 24, 2010

Old Yeller

Last night's full moon
Welcome Autumn!  Here's that Harvest Moon-plus-one-night. 
Still into the torpor here, but it's lookin' good for some rain come Saturday and Sunday.  Temperatures are supposed to moderate considerably and we can sure use that moisture! The pastures are really dry, even to the point where it's affecting the amount of milk we are getting from Marigold, despite some grain, pears and apples for her, along with unlimited water availability.  She doesn't like grazing in this "unnatural" heat.  Once again, today, it will be 90+ degrees.  But, this should be the last of it (until the next rise). 
The coyotes paid us another visit last night.  So, at 2:00 AM you would have heard the blast of a shotgun out here JOTOLR.  It was enough to drive them off...mostly. An hour later, I heard them again, but this time they were quite a ways distant, and I went back to sleep.
Thank you everyone for the conversation, comments and visits this past week!  We're still in the midst of harvest out here JOTOLR, so blogging has been a bit hit 'n miss as far as times of posting and comments. (Will I ever improve???!!)
 Hope everyone has delightful weekend!   
See you Monday!


  1. While we have enjoyed the lovely moon, we'd be just as happy to see it clouded over with rain-bearing clouds. Great photographs in this and the previous post.

  2. Another beautiful shot. We're hoping for the promised rain on Sunday.

  3. Elora -- Here is to rain and cooler weather -- and the Harvest Moon! Lovely to enjoy the bright light of the moon in the middle of the night. Great moon shot. -- barbara

  4. Hey NCMW, Vicki and Barbara,

    Maybe that moon DID herald some more moderate weather! Looking back, it was a good omen. Just took a couple of days! Thanks much for comments on photos! Glad you enjoyed them! And thanks again, for dropping in to visit!