Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two-Dog Night Comin' Up

It's a misty day.  Low clouds.  More rain in the forecast (hooray!).  We went over to the backside to salvage some fence posts, but other than a little effort in that direction, I think I have Fall Fever.  It's exactly the same as Spring Fever, only it happens in late September through early October.  I have this mysterious lethargy. All I want to do is watch trees.  Landscapes have become my passion.  I am enraptured with the daily changes.  I found a wooly worm today.  It was all brownish-orange. No black on it. that ominous?  I wonder....  Last years' wooly worms. I'd noticed, were all black. No orange brown whatsoever.  So, does that mean we'll have a more user-friendly winter this year?   The garden still has crisp, tasty greens of all kinds, Brussels sprouts, a few tomatoes;NOAA weather is calling for 36 degrees toward Saturday!  Need to get a couple of dogs in for the first two-dog night since last fall!


  1. Oh my -- that cold already. Too soon -- how aobut some 60s and 70s for a month! -- barbara

  2. You have more color than we do -- and last night was only a one dog night ...

  3. Pardon my ignorance but what's all this about dogs? My mind is going from the number of hot dogs needing to be eaten to the number of warm dogs required to cosy up to to keep warm.