Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't Leave Home Without Them

Here are some essential tools.  When I go on a walkabout, I don't leave home without taking these three items in my pocket.  My "Jill" knife--as MM calls it, electrician's tape, and baler twine. 
I never know when I'll need to wrap a frayed end or coil up a piece of wire so it won't unroll; or tie up a dog (when the job gets sticky and the dog's confused); or lace up a temporary fence...the small emergencies are endless and these three tools are my constant pocket companions. 

Now, for the bigger jobs, I won't leave without my tool belt.  It's got nearly everything I need to fence or build.  Tape measure, even surveyor's tape; hammer, nails of various sizes and types, a few screws, fence clips, channel locks, fencing pliers....I'm good to go!

You can't quite see it, but this tool belt is definitely mine, designated by the bright pink nail polish hashmarks on the hammer handle. 

But, in case it wasn't clear as to whose tool belt it is, and "someone" was thinking of filching it, being too lazy to find their own (ahem...) one need only check the carpenter's pencil:

In case, you can't read the above, it says, "Elora's Very Own...Do Not Steal or Else...Grrrrrr!"


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  2. I have my private pruners, hoe, and trowel and I get rather twitchy if they aren't where I left them.

  3. Elora -- Lots of good working tools in that belt.
    I'm sure it saves you many footsteps plus time looking for the assorted tools you have. This seems like a good idea for gardeners too -- just different tools. -- barbara

  4. A girl MUST have her own tools! I tend to keep a few things in the car too, amazing how handy baler twine has been over the years. I always keep a pocket knife in my handbag and much to my embarassment it fell out the other day - the guys were particularly amused. As a teenager I remember asking for my own tool kit for Christmas - one of the best gifts I have ever received! Those coyotes of yours are still giving me chills, hope you are managing to get some sleep.

  5. Hi Elora:

    We do the same thing here at OOHF, except instead of a knife for the walkabout essential tools I carry a leatherman which contains a dozen or more useful tools in addition to a knife. I also carry a roll of brightly colored plastic tape to mark things such as trees, areas beside the road, issues with fences, etc. that I need to return to. I also have several five gallon buckets that contain specialized tools and supplies (e.g. fencing)that I carry whenever I need them...except I'm carrying the bucket in the back of the Gator.

  6. Vicki, you are so right! Don't mess with my stuff!! And Who Moved My Cheese?!" Hands off, one and all!

    Barbara, Absolutely good for garden tools as well as others. I got a sectioned tray this year to carry my garden tools and gloves to and from the garden. Saved me hours of looking for stuff!

    Julia, you, too? (Christmas tool gift)? When I left home to go to college, my dad put together a tool kit for me. It was wonderful! Having my own today, lets me begin lots of projects sooner, rather than later!(after searching high and low for some needed component! Funny about your pocket knife falling out! What a cool way to say, "Don't even think about it!"

    Thomas, you put us all to shame! You are so danged organized! Putting survey tape at the place where a repair needs doing is brilliant! What a guy!