Friday, September 10, 2010

A Week of Friends

Just outside my window this Friday morning, I am listening to the turkeys peeping to one another as they graze back and forth in the second garden, harvesting corn, millet, buckwheat and...yes, grasshoppers (still plenty).  While they don't actually depend upon one another, they are linked by their voices as they migrate from one end of the field to the other.

I'm reflecting on what a wonderful week for us it's been!  We shared some of our winter greens seeds with a friend.  She's planted them and they're on their way (we're hoping any frost will be mostly gentle and kind). She and her husband are friends we treasure.  And it's so much fun to share on so many levels!

We made two new friends this past week!  From "deep in the city of New York" who found themselves deep in the Appalachians on our tiny farm, complements of a long-established relationship with other friends of ours/theirs.

I found a friend from high school days.  He's alive and well, and though we've missed a few beats between the time we last saw one another and now...the beat goes on via email!

And finally, we shared an early Thanksgiving dinner with still more friends and their family yesterday...a delightful occasion with wonderful homemade food and good cheer all around! important, so appreciated, so loved.

Who could ask for more, out here, JOTOLR!  Thank you friends, one and all. 
We are honored by your love.  It WAS indeed a "lovely" week! 
Thanks to all who stopped by.  Look for some comments over the's supposed to be rainy...I'll believe it when I see it!
Have a restful and enjoyable weekend!  Is there football?  I'm sure my resident football fan knows the answer to that! 
See you Monday!

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  1. I love that little sound the turkeys make. I hear our wild turkeys talking to themselves as they visit our bird feeder.