Friday, September 17, 2010

Waiting in the Wings for a Meal

There seems to be no shortage of neighbors shopping for an easy meal, lately.  MM called to me and told me to get my telephoto and see if I could get a shot of this hawk.  I was able to push it to the 300 mm range and get this.  Having finished my shot, MM and I were chatting about it, and suddenly the chickens erupted  in a blur of squawking and running for cover under the asparagus plants.  They weren't ten feet from us, and the hawk had still risked life and limb for a meal, almost in our laps.  Amazing.  BTW, it missed.

The coyotes have returned a couple of times.  We are missing one turkey.  Not sure why or where...haven't been able to locate it, even with assiduous searching yesterday.  But all poultry is now bottled up again for nighttime, behind two electric fences.  So, we're OK on that front.

So, that's it for the week, everyone!  Thanks so much for keeping me company!  Congratulations to Vicki Lane on her 1,000th post!  She's at
And her current book is soon to be out--September 28th, I believe.  Her blog has the info on it.
Have a look!  She's a mystery writer extraordinaire!
I leave you with Tuesday's sunrise.  Isn't it incredible?  And I did not PhotoShop it!

Hope you all have a wonderfully peaceful weekend
See you Monday.